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Your vow ceremony itself is the heart and soul of your wedding day, it sets the pace for a spectacular journey that is created for two. The Aloha spirit and skill of the minister, the sermon, the feelings that are evoked, all contribute to making this special event an unforgettable and delightful occasion. We invite you to experience the Aloha, the quality and the sincerity that makes Maui Loa Weddings one of a kind.

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Born and raised here on the beautiful island of Maui, Reverend Kamuela immersed himself in the Hawaiian culture. Being a Traditional Hawaiian Minister, 2nd generation uniki'd Kumu Hula and Master Chanter; Reverend Kamuela understands the need for Native Hawaiian traditions, rituals, and Olelo I Hawaii (language). With a total of 7 years in the wedding industry and 15 years in the Polynesian Entertainment field Reverend Kamuela is very committed to what he does. He shares the traditions he holds dear and perpetuates them through chant, the aloha spirit, and song as we unite and celebrate the joining of two hearts. As the Pu (conch) announces the arrival of the bride we welcome you with the beautiful Hawaiian Chant Onaona. E hoapili kaua na kau a kau (The joining of 2 for all time).

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