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Emergency Covid-19 Coronavirus Products and Services

We provide event products and services, emergency products and services nationwide.

Recent Clients of All Time Favorites
With our team of over 50,000 members nationwide and over 25 years experience in the events industry, we have extensive resources to help with this virus situation.
We have been hired for many large projects across the USA.

This HOTLINE number is for COMMERCIAL REQUESTS ONLY (please)
Commercial includes hospitals and similar, city-state-federal government agencies, corporations, large companies,or any other commercial organization needing services, items for purchase or rental across the USA.

Business or Nonprofit Requests Only: 1-855-937-1200

Below are services, along with products for rental and purchase, that are most requested to help with this situation.
If you do not see what you need, call us anyway as we may be able to help find what you need (commercial only).

We have an extensive network of resources in over 800 cities across the USA.

PPE - Personal Protection Equipment

KN95 Masks - 3-ply Surgical Masks - Adult Mask Filters - Youth Mask Filters - Cotton Face Masks - Disposable Aprons - Face Shields - Hand Sanitizer 1oz - Hand Sanitizer 2oz - Hand Sanitizer 8oz with Pump - Hand Sanitizer 1 gallon - Latex Gloves - Non-Latex Gloves - Thermometers/Standard - Infrared Thermometers - Shoe Covers - Hand Wipes - and more...

Temporary tent and Structure Rentals

10x10 tents, 20x100, 40x40 For small private testing areas or multi-lane drive-through testing areas, storage or contractors. We have Heated and Air Conditioned Tents We have high-wind resistant temporary tent structures for rental or purchase. Any tent or structure needed, we can do it.
Temporary Medical Tent Rental - Tent Rentals - Temporary drive-through testing tent Rental - Large Tent Rental - Frame Tents with heat, air conditioning and sides - Temporary Warehouse and Large Structures - very large tent structures - large tent structures - large tents - 2-story temporary buildings - all sizes storage container rentals - large clearspan tent structure rental

KN95 Masks - Disposable Masks

KN95 masks in stock USAKN95 masks in stock USAKN95 masks in stock USAKN95 masks in stock USAKN95 masks in stock USA
CURRENT IN STOCK 4900 units. 14 days lead time = 1 million 21 days = 4 million

disposable masks
We have other PPE available also, hospital gowns, 3-ply medical masks, disposable masks, CDC grade hand sanitizer solutions. Let us know what you need.

Social Distancing Plastic Dividers - 4 way dividers - sneeze guards and custom designed.

Commercial or business to business requests only.

Infrared Thermometers - no contact

FDA Approved. Medical Grade Thermometers.
Infrared No Contact Thermometerinfrared thermometer features 1infrared thermometer features 1
Commercial Requests Only. 9000 units in stock.

Testing Swabs - Cotton Tip

Commercial organization requests only.
In stock 500K

Face Shields for Hard Hats and Standard Face Shields

Commercial organization requests only.
Above face shields are MADE IN THE USA and IN STOCK NOW. READY TO SHIP!

Portable Medical Room Dividers

Patient Field Hospital Dividers - Portable Medical Rooms - Indoors or outdoors - Patient waiting areas - Office Areas.
Temporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividersTemporary portable field hospital patient area dividers

Stress Management for Doctors, Nurses and critical operations staff nationwide

I have an expert on staff that specializes in mental health services where he can teach you how to manage the stress along with power nap exercises that really help with dealing with the stress of this crisis. Contact back on the number above if interested.

Crowd Control Barriers

All types of barriers: black ribbon retractable barriers, bike rack barriers, 6-8ft tall fencing and traffic control water-filled jersey barriers. We have it all.
crowd control barriers - crowd control barriers at costco - We are hired by Costco for crowd control.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Manual or Automatic dispensing action. Sanitizing foam meets CDC standards. Available on a stand, mounts on a wall or sticks to glass.
Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispensers for purchase or rentalFoaming Hand Sanitizer Refills
STAND for Touch Free Hand Sanitizer DispensersTouch Free Foaming CDC Grade Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispensers TOUCH FREE DISPENSERS! (black stand optional)
General Prices on hand sanitizer stations and dispensers
Current Inventory June 4 2020: 18 manual dispensers, 33 Touch Free Dispensers, 4 black stands, 905 refill bags.
Limited Supply - Hand Sanitizer Station Item #9902
Limited Supply of these: Sanitizer Stations: CALL NOW!

Temporary Medical Structures

Tents with Heat and Air Conditioning for triage or additional medical staff work areas. We have these in any size.
Temporary Field Hospital StructuresWe also have 6 to 8ft dividers for private patient or worker screening along with construction crews to make temporary walls within existing gyms or spaces.

Handwash stations

Dual or single sink handwashing stations with anti-bacterial soap and paper towels. For purchase or rental. We can service them if needed.
handwashing stations25 Denver Zoo handwashing stations
Hand Wash Stations for SaleHand Wash Stations for Sale colors and photosHand Wash Stations specifications

NEW!! IN STOCK! TAG 4 handwash stations!
Tag 4 Hand Wash StationTag 4 Hand Wash Station Specs part 2

Temporary Container Rentals

Great for all types of storage needs. 20ft - 40ft container rentals.
Temporary container rentals 20ft 40ft inside viewTemporary container rentals 20ft 40ft end viewTemporary container rentals 20ft 40ft outside view

Portable Toilet Rentals with hand sanitizer

For rental or purchase. We have over 4000 nationwide.
portable restroom rentals

Portable Field Hospitals

Fully-functional field hospital structures of any size. Webspan and Clearspan construction.
Refrigerated semi-trailers.
Temporary Field Hospital Structures

Generator Rentals

Portable Generators of any size for powering temporary structures or field hospitals.
Large Portable GeneratorsLarge Generator Rentals

ADA Ramp Rentals or Purchase

ADA ramps for special access to temporary buildings without ramps. Available nearby in 96 cities across the USA.
ADA Ramp rentalADA Ramp rental

Audio Visual Services

Live Video Streaming, additional PA systems, media monitors and screens for entrances. Anything AV, we have it.

Temporary Equipment Storage Structures

Any size temporary storage structure needed from small tents to large webspan structures that can hold a large aircraft.

Outdoor LED Screens

Portable LARGE LED screens on a truck showing vehicles or people where to go or important information.

Emergency Catering Services

For emergency workers and staff. We can bring food to your location for employees and contractors.

Portable Laundry Services

Full size laundry trailers on a semi-truck.

Computer Equipment

Emergency Wireless Networks and any other computer rentals for work-at-home workers.

Computer Assistance

Help setting up work-from home workers, website programming, fixing computers, anti-virus updates for your staff or contractors.

Emergency Phone Lines

Phone line systems to help with calls.

Temporary Signage

Everything from printed signage, vinyl banners, digital signage indoors and outdoors.
Temporary Sign Printing COVID19Temporary Sign Printing COVID19Temporary Sign Printing COVID19Temporary Sign Printing COVID19Temporary Sign Printing COVID19

Venues and Buildings for Rental

A database of over 25,000 venues for rental nationwide.

Large Portable Restroom Trailers

Heated - Air Conditioned restroom trailers for critical staff, executives and other management staff. Available nationwide.
restroom trailer rentallarge portable restroom trailer rentals

Portable Heating and Air Conditioning

Large Portable systems to heat and air condition temporary structures and tents.
Large portable air conditioners COVID19

Portable Office Structures

Any size portable offices and temporary building structures.

Live Event Streaming Broadcasts

Setup of live event streaming of events or special announcements, video editing services, live video switching services.

Crisis Management Speakers

Speakers specialized in crisis management for your employees. Podcasts available or streamed for just your employees and management.

Commercial Requests Only: