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First, this is a bit 1990s like looking and we will upgrade graphics soon. We have the traffic, which is what counts most.
We offer our 30 years in business to you through a variety of products and services to help your business succeed even more. Our clients include the majority of the Fortune 1000 business list. Our members (like you shortly...) are over 53,000 and growing every day. We get over 1 million hits to our website every month!

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Mission Statement:
For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide a "One Source For All Your Event Planning Needs" type of resource connecting clients to almost anything they need in the events and hospitality industry, with a focus on minority-owned, women-owned, mom & pop and other small businesses.


By continuing your application for membership you are agreeing to our terms and Code of Conduct.

Code Of Conduct:

Good moral character, ethics, honesty, and high integrity are very important to All Time Favorites.

Those who support others who do not follow this code, enable those bad behaviours to propagate and degrade our society regardless of political affiliation.
You agree to abide by the Code Of Conduct outlined here while working with All Time Favorites.

This is not about politics. This is about basic, common decency.

You agree not to distribute nor promote disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories, white supremacism,
antisemitism, or widely proven false information or fake news.
(Examples: False information regarding the Covid-19 and related vaccines;
Support of Putin and his war against Ukraine; Support of The Big Lie - that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump or any support for the January 6th insurrection.)

You agree not to threaten, bully, cheat or disrespect others in your business transactions.

Our 30+ years of experience shows us that people who follow and support those who tell lies, bully, disrespect, and degrade others, usually show us that they do not have the respect, character, morals or integrity that we require to serve our clients.

You agree to not do business with nor show positive support for those who do not fit this Code Of Conduct.

Some examples of those who do not fit this Code of Conduct include QAnon, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Donald J Trump and venues/organizations he owns.
Several reasons Trump is on this list include: (but not political-related) are due to facts that he does not pay all of the vendors he owes in the events industry and his venue contracts include a complete NDA along with nearly impossible language to comply with while on his golf club or winery properties.

ATF DOES monitor social media posts and other communication, to assure our Code Of Conduct is adhered to.

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Partial list of products and services:
1. We provide excellent advertising, branding and marketing products including customer leads direct to you via email or text.
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2. Free help sourcing products and services you need to run your business from insurance and equipment for your specific industry.
3. Marketing options: Leads, lead and client sales tracking systems, cold calling marketing list solutions, directory listings, pay-per-click options and more.
4. Telephone systems where you can record incoming and outbound calls easily, call menus where you can route calls easily or multiple staff on multiple phones.
5. Website design and hosting services, email setup and moving from one service to another.
6. Technical support for your computer(s) to remove viruses, install applications, including custom database software for your business.
7. Professional voice services for your business phone greeting, radio commercials, TV commercials, or online product or service videos.
8. Youtube and Professional video/multimedia presentations for your business online or special events.
9. Multimedia commercials and videos for your website. Full videotaping at your location or just custom editing into a professional online video presentation about your company.
10. Discounts on some items such as business insurance, batteries and bulbs, music equipment, lighting, catering equipment, wholesale tents and much more by being a member here
11. Anything else you need: We will try to help you find the best new or used products and related services that match your business needs.
12. Our LEADS and LISTINGS subscriptions create business relationships with fortune 1000 companies. They create relationships between vendors.

Over the last 35+ years, we have connected with over 300,000 clients, 52,000 members giving us a large database to serve clients and our members with whatever they need.

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We send customers to your business from our websites by emailing you customer requests for quotes and referring customers directly to calling you.  

Customers visit our site and put in requests for quotes totaling over $5 million dollars annually to local members like you.  

Last year over 25% of the fortune 500 companies and some of the largest in Canada put requests for quote into this system.

We have 30+ years in the events industry and over 50,000 members signed up and over 360,000 clients

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Clients who use All Time Favorites

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There is NO COST to register your business in our directory and for the lead referral service. 

By signing up you do agree to pay us some type of referral commission on clients that you book that you receive from us and our websites (The amount is up to you and most send in 5 to 20%).  We do have other plans where you pay a flat fee per month instead of the referral commission system.  

We reserve the right to limit listings or remove listings based on content or complaints
If you have trouble signing up call us at 1-651-454-1124 extension 5 for technical support


These are just a few of our over 50,000 members
who trust All Time Favorites for leads and other products/services
and advertising for them.

One of the nations most prominent pipers and instructors in the USA
















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What our members say about All Time Favorites:

Our members are our best references on how good a company we are!


I have seen more and more people trying their hand at "Entertainment Booking" websites. I think ATF

does it the most efficient way. Instead of paying per lead((Lead quality is iffy) or paying vastly inflated

advertising prices. You get quality leads and you don't pay until you actually have a booked show.

I am currently working on a proposal. I can already see the client may be going with multiple members and

I may only receive a slice of the entertainment budget but I'll be happy to pay a commission on it.

The price I pay is far less than all the advertising, direct mailing, adwords etc that I could have

done to get that booking. All Time Favorites really works!

Kevin Hall - President

Halls of Entertainment


My party rental business is not set up for commissions but I do appreciate the additional

business I am paying for a listing on your site and we DO get more business because of

it. - Frank Owens - Party Rentals AtoZ


I have been with All Time Favorites for about 3 years.

I think they have a great format as for other DJ's to respond to jobs and let the clients pick out which DJ

would be the best for them. I have had many jobs from this great company and how they function

works great for me. I have been in this business for 46 years & love how they do their business.

Kirk Bakken


My listing with All Time Favorites is free. I don't see any reason why anyone would NOT want to

participate. I don't get any scam messages. I don't get ads. If I'm interested in the lead, I respond

to the inquiry and get the contact information within a few minutes. If I'm able to book the job, then I pay

ATF a commission, the amount of which is determined by what I deem appropriate! What could be

more fair?

Bill Packard, Magician & Owner Magic Man Entertainment, Inc. Metro Atlanta, GA


The good thing is that you only pay if you book the lead. Other sites make you pay even if you

don't boook the lead. I think it is fair and ethical to pay only when you get the event.




Speciality acts such as ours are difficult for consumers to find and All Time

Favorites gives us another outlet to market our services where consumers can connect. Every

well run business has a cost to marketing, and paying a fee to all time favorites should be

looked at as a sensible marketing cost and as a way for buyers to connect. If you don't

think paying a fee is fair, then don't sign up. Of course, that decision means you don't see many

newly available jobs that produce income!

member 14795


I think is fair to pay ATF a finders' fee, it is also refreshing that I have the liberty to negotiate

my fees, a percentage to be paid to an agent or promoter is a calculated business expense, the

more I am paying the more I am working, therefore earning money.


Aldo Ramos. Manager. Mariachi Group Los Soles


All Time Favorites is a very legit company that has been in business for a long time and has a

lot of business referrals. It's worth it to pay a commission rather than sit at home

some weekends when you do not have events of your own going on.

Toni Watson/Owner Custom Catering


This email is to any members worried about signing up and having to pay commissions. All

Time Favorites does a great job getting leads to you. The way to look at it is if you have to pay a

commission, it is a win win as you are making money. You can always mark it up to the client to

include the commission if need be but it is very fair to pay the commission to All Time Favorites

when the job has been booked.

Sincerely, Todd Elliot Entertainment/Music, Dance Company,

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Event/Wedding Planning and Production

(310) 827-0873


We have found alltimefavorites to be an invaluable booking

tool. In many cases, it takes the upfront work out of the booking process.

We get a lot of leads through them. ~Anthony Imperial, Director NextArts


I've been associated with All Time Favorites for quite some time now. I

trust them. I am an entertainer listed on their web site and paying a

commission when they find me work is well worth it. Feel free to contact

me if you have any questions.

Tim Patrick and His Blue Eyes Band


I have been a part of All Time Favorites for over 20 years. I have found them to be a

resourceful and successful source for members and clients seeking quality and affordable

entertainment. Their commission rates have been very fair. I plan to continue to be involved with

All Time Favorites in the future. They are very professional, and at least worth giving an

opportunity to help your specific business build.

KarL AchiLLes KarL AchiLLes Magic Co. member #30


I have been using All Time Favorites for about 2 years and have found it very helpful in

booking gigs. I find the commission scale to be very reasonable and appreciate working with

All Time Favorites! Steve Poreda aka "Mr Fun"


All Time Favorites has been a great asset to my bookings. They are real

Pros and work hard to help me out and send leads. I couldn't do without

them. Their commissions request are more than fair. Alton Russell Storyteller


All Time Favorites is an awesome resource for leads and sales! The information gathering

from All Time Favorites is a huge timesaver as well as the qualifying of leads. Most often the

lead contact information, along with pertinent info about the event or service is included

along with budget range........WOW, all time has basically cut to the chase for my sales team!

Daphne Woods,Presiden t FUNction Events All The Best, Daphne 1.866.738.3309 Like Us On



I have been working with All time favorites for 4 years now. They are a simple and legit

web site that will actually send you business. When it comes to internet sites promoting

advertisement most are hacks and liars. "All time" will send you leads. That pretty much sums it

up. A & J Portable Restroom Rentals


have no problems with paying a finders fee/commission for obtaining business that I would not

have obtained otherwise. No business, no fee .. obtain a new client and business, pay a small

finders fee/commission. Gary

"Special Vehicles for Special Occasions"


I have been working with All TimeFavorites for as long as they have been in business. This

is an amazing way to get business leads that you wouldn't ordinarily come across, and

for such an amazing price: you determine how valuable you feel the lead was for you and

your company. As a Professional Speaker, I have had many events I've booked through

AllTimeFavorites, and I'm more than happy to pay them for the connection. They are reliable,

easy and great to work with.

“Don't forget to laugh!” Warmest wishes,

Christine Clifford Enterprises


Paying commissions is fair since you only pay when you get paid. Before taking paid advertising on All

Time Favorites I booked 1 job, sent in commish on honor system and there was no problem..

Robert McEntee


I personally like the "commission when you book" system. You aren't paying up front for a

service. Pay when you get results is a great way to go. Best regards, FireSpice Band/Mary

and Jack


I have been with All Time Favorites now for several years.

I have been very pleased with their service and professionalism.

As a musician for over 30 years I have worked with most of the agents

in Southern California. All Time Favorites is a refreshing change from

the 20% to 50% commission agents are taking now. I am more than happy

offering ATF 10% of whatever gigs they offer me. Best Regards,

Richard Schwagerl Island Voyage / steel drum band


All Time Favorites is the best party agency in the world, I was interviewed by the


Hotel in Las Vegas, thanks to one of your party leads to work at this famous hotel in

Nevada. I would never have found this lead on my own. Gig Agencies world-wide

require that you pay at last 10 to 15% commission for finding jobs. I gladly pay

commission to All Time Favorites for their parties that I am booked, also other party

agencies world-wide require this also, at time of booking the job. Other jobs that I was

hired thru All Time Favorites turned out to be some of the rich and famous in Hollywood

that were only too happy, to add a fee on top of my own, that I could deduct from my

pay, for All Time Favorites introduction fee, as they wanted to make sure All Time

Favorites was taken

c/o. I refer a lot of members to All Time Favorites as they are the tops in the Corporate/

Party/Entertainment/ Business of hiring for social functions/parties/movie/museum

openings etc. both on the East/West Coast of USA.

Judy Hevenly member 5636.


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