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A partial list of clients who have used All Time Favorites to assist with their event needs.
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Client Comments:

Thank you so much for your help!  I am an intern with the city of Dunkirk, NY and we had a last minute cancelation on our beach bash event.  The laser light show would have worked well for us but we are now going with an alternate entertainment choice.  My director of development is interested in putting on a laser light show as part of our summer activities. The information that your company has given us has helped greatly.  Thank you very much and I hope to work with All Time Favorites again in the future.
Sincerely,  Ashley

Bree wrote:
We got our comedian for the party. Although there was only one phone
call, that was our guy.
I appreciate the help and your services, even in our small time line.
It made an otherwise time consuming experience very painless and quick.
Thanks again~
Sweetack, AIC, CISR
Integrity Insurance
(a member of the Grange Mutual Casualty Group)
Appleton, Wi 54912

"It was between Marx Rolling Dance Review and Academy.  Both were very responsive: Academy was the first DJ to call me back and Mark proactively followed up with a phone call the next day.

The other thing that both DJs did was understand how my party was going to be different from a wedding, corporate party, or bat mitzvah.  That made a real difference.  They asked me the information to get a quote, but also talked to me about the kind of service they provided.

Again, this is a great service.  A must use for anyone planning a party."

Regards,    M. Roberts

"I was a bit worried about giving out my email address and phone number on the request form
because I didn't want to get stuff I did not request.  I was surprised that 
only received contacts from caterers and photographers just like I asked for.   
I highly recommend this web page as it saved me a lot of time trying to find what I needed.  and it was FREE.  Now I can relax as I have what I need weeks before I thought I would.!"    Thanks , Jenny R. NH

" I believe your site is fine how you have it, it did a lot to help me find out how I want my wedding on the most important day of my life " - Jessica

What excellent service your website provides! I could hardly believe the promptness of the responses from the vendors, and the high caliber of speakers available. I'm very impressed with my choice, and I'm looking forward to using your service again. -- Catherine

Here are more samples from the hundreds of monthly customer comments we get.
Over 100,000 event requests for products/services were requested over the last year!
We love helping people find what they need and for FREE!

"Thanks so much for your immediate response . . .you can imagine what hoops I'm trying to jump thru based upon yesterday's cancellation. These contacts are exactly what I need . . .again, my personal thanks," - Jonathan

"I have booked entertainment with Sebastian Black through the use of your service. Please do not send me anymore information. Thanks for your help. I will recommend your site - it worked extremely well for me."
- Ellen C.

"Your service was so wonderful that I hired someone about 3 hours after I made my request ! Thank you !" - Liane M.

"I received wonderful responses to my requests. I have enough names and referrals to find all the services I need. Please discontinue posting my information. Thank you for a great experience."- Kathie (Feb 2 2005)

"A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! Tom was on the ball!!!  We could not have asked for a more perfect DJ, he 
made the event flow perfectly!! [ceremony and reception] Thank you again SO much - 
Without All Time Favorites, our wedding would NOT have been nearly the same!!!" - Devin & Hayley

"I want to thank you for helping us find a group to perform at our December 30th event. We have decided to use Karen Dunn and the ICE! Quartet. We are thrilled to have them appear. I appreciate all the fine acts that you sent our way, I was very impressed with their professionalism and quality and it was a difficult choice to make." -- Debra Wasilowski

Recent AUDIO client comment in WINDOWS AUDIO FORMAT CLICK HERE regarding hiring casino vendors from All Time Favorites site.  (free windows media player required to play the above audio clip - get it here if you need it)

DaimlerChrysler just put a request in for a holiday party and were thrilled to see all of the options available for their corporate party.

"Your service is wonderful !! I have received many inquiries about my daughter's wedding plans. I have spoken to some of the venders and they are all so nice and helpful. Hopefully the bride and groom will help me make decisions soon. Thank you so much, " - Janice Mizelle (Mother of the bride)

"I just got off the phone with Phoenix Catering in Detroit, MI. They are just what I was looking for! My event is booked- and I cannot Thank you and your company enough! I have had such a difficult time finding what I was looking for! Enjoy your weekend.... I will , now that I have this taken care of!"   Rita S / Detroit Michigan

"I found All Time Favorites on the Internet and was looking for a Scottish bagpiper for a rather unusual request. I wanted a lone piper to stand at a recently deceased family member’s grave at dusk to play selected songs in order to honor her in the way of my ancestors. I doubted that I would even get a response or that there was much of a chance of this happening because of the uniqueness of the event. I feared it would not be cost effective for anyone agreeing to carry out my wishes.

Within a few short hours, I was contacted by a vendor who, not only agreed to provide me with the service I requested, but suggested many additional ways to make the event meaningful. He is very skilled and knowledgeable as well as being compassionate and helpful.

Within the same day, I received an email from All Time Favorites to follow up on my progress. I was thrilled to report that I had found a vendor. Your website is a wealth of knowledge and your quality services are provided in a professional manner. As a customer, I felt that providing what I needed was the most important priority of All Time Favorites. In this day and age of technology, prerecorded answering services and push button correspondence, it is refreshing to have found a service that still believes in the personal touch.

Sincerely,   Jamie Client ID# 62164

The response has been incredible. I have had so many responses in the last 2 days. 
Very prompt and efficient. Thank you, Natalie

"Thank you for your quick response to my call for help! All of the vendors you referred seem to be of the highest quality. I have narrowed my choices to a couple now so you may discontinue with the referral process. Thank you again! - Dawn

"So far, you have made searching for a wedding site real easy. I have only lived here a year and do not know the area well. Thank you" - (no name)

"The only thing that would have been more helpful would have been knowing of the locations listed were the only ones available."- (no name given)

"The service provided by All Time Favorites is great! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and this service gathers vendors/needed services for you to check out and includes anything from food services to wedding attire. It is very convenient and will be a real time saver! " -- Jessica

"I am an event planner and work with private companies and organizations to develop fund raisers, outdoor events and private conferences. It would be very useful to have updated menus and options for food/catering services. We already have our AV, exhibit show producers, etc. in place....but we like to provide variety with food service (even though we do use some caterers regularly) the option to request general info on other caterers is important to us -- especially when we get a last minute request and the client wants to try someone new or request someone who specializes in something other than our normal caterers, 
thanks for the service and options!
Take care, Leslie"

Thank you! I think your site is awesome! It is a huge help to me - Dana!

"This has been the most helpful tool, I have everything I need at my 
fingertips and the responses were quick and plentiful. You have one of the 
best websites available and easy to use.  Thanks!"-- Lisa.

"Add more venue Selection for Example, beaches" - (no name given) 

"Easy site to work and no problems"- Neil

All Time Favorites is THE place to go to get EVERYTHING for ANYTHING!! I highly recommend anyone choose them when putting on any type of event. Easy, Fast, Reliable, what more do you need?
Tony Pokrzewinski - Sounds For Humanity/Fallen Entertainment/Pariah Promotions

"To whom it may concern:
Thank you for your great service! I thought that finding a good DJ would be a nightmare, 
but you really made it easy for me. I have hired Scott from Digital Sounds for my wedding reception. Scott's price and demeanor were the best fit for what I was looking for. Again, thanks for your service. If I ever know of anyone else looking for a DJ, I will refer them to you without hesitation. Sincerely,  Joe"

"I am so glad that I came to your site. I have received prompt replies from a lot of vendors. 
 I think my wedding planning will go smoothly with this site to help.
 Thank you so much ," -- Melissa


"I was so glad to find your site for All Time Favorites. I am looking forward to hearing from vendors. The request form was easy to complete and it seems to be an excellent source. 
Thank you for offering such a helpful service.
I wish I had known about this site before I accidentally came across it last night."--Robin W.

"Your site was very clear, easy and user friendly to understand. It also contains a wealth of information as well as a very helpful and professional tone." - Anita C.

"We have hired a DJ thanks to your service! We hired Shwingtime...they were extremely accommodating and very knowledgable. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service! " -- Jill

"Thank you for the service that you provide in getting quick information for event planning. This has been a big help for me because I do not live in the area where the party will take place."--Jill

"I just wanted to than you for having such a wonderful, easy, and informational site . 
It was very helpful. I think it is great."--Angela

"Thank you so much for your help. I received a number of calls and email responses. As a result of these, I hired someone today before noon. You cannot know the relief I felt. Your assistance was greatly appreciated. I have passed along your site to others who can use your help.
Thanks again"--Nancy

"My name is Billie Hill, and I am the General Manager of Phineas T's restaurant in Pinetop, Ariz. I didn't realize how starving this community is for "real" entertainment. I found this site by searching entertainment Arizona. I didn't think with my budget I'd get any responses. WAS I WRONG! I have had countless
emails and phone calls from all different kinds of entertainers. I should have all of my bookings from here to November by the end of today! Not bad for 2 days! Thank you for a site that works!" -- Billie Hill

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my request! I feel so fortunate to have found your website. 
My trek through the Yellow Pages has come to an end!
Please know that vendor responses will be handled quickly. I know that this is a busy season. 
Again, thank you for your service!" -- Jo M.

"Dear All Time Favorites, Your service is wonderful! I have had contact from several
vendors for photography and DJ services for my son's wedding on June
21. I think we have enough vendors now to make informed choices, so it is
not necessary to continue to send them to me.
Thank you, again, for your service. I will certainly recommend it to others!" - Marty

Hi guys! Thanks so much for your referrals however due to my fiance' being
shipped out next week, we have made a decision to postpone our wedding
day. I will check back with your site in the future. You guys have been a
great service!"
-- Michelle -

" A very helpful site indeed. Helped me figure out what range of music 
and cost etc we're looking at for our wedding. 
Great multiple choice categories where you're not restricted to one option.
Thanks! - Leanne

"I love this site!  It was so easy to find my caterer and photographer for my wedding"- Susan H. NY

"Your staff was so helpful when I got stuck trying to search for a tent for my event." - John R. NJ

found everything I wanted on one website. Wow!" - Robert J. FL

"Everything was great. I wished I would have used you 
in the 12 other markets. Thanks."-Charlie (corporate client)

"To Whom it May Concern: I am just so thankful that I came across your service . I live in a different state than the one in which I want the activities to take place, so the help that you are providing is priceless. 
Thank you so much." - Nancy

"Thank you so much. By the way this service has been so unbelievable, I have received so many responses it's great! Everyone seems so patient and professional it's really going to be a hard choice picking a DJ. I was so nervous about not finding the right person for my husband's party and you have no idea how important this is going to be for the event. Again, thank you so much, your web page was a great find." -  Sincerely yours, Sheila

A production company working a show for Dana Carvey contacted us for audio/video equipment
for an event. Dana Carvey was part of Saturday Night Live for many years - link #2

"Hi All Time Favorites-Thank you so much for your help finding a DJ. IT WORKED! I have a DJ booked for my party. You service was wonderful and so many DJ's responded so quickly. Can you please remove my name from any lists being sent to DJ's. Thanks Again for your Help!" - Stephanie.

"It's was well organized. At the home page, I clicked into the category, ie. entertainment/party/games, and that page was divided into more specific areas with items in each area that I could choose. But the best part was that if there was something in particular that I didn't see, there is a space to write a quick note to ask about what you're looking for. And the reply was in less than an hour.
The site takes the viewer right through it - very simply for a novice computer user."-Marcia

"This service was great! I needed a Violinist at the last minute and was having a hard time on my own. I put my request in on a Thursday and the following Saturday I got a call and had him booked now I can just relax and not have to worry about anything!   This really saved a lot of time!"    Thanks , Lori N.

I just wanted to write to praise your service. Several photographers have contacted me, and I'm sure one of them will be just right for the event. I'm not sure just how I managed to stumble onto your web site, but  I'm very
glad I did!! "  Dana R.

"I was very glad that you were available to help with this event. Usually I book my own talent, but I was overwhelmed and needed help. It was wonderful to have the responsibility of booking four different groups for eight different time slots for two different dates removed from my shoulders. All of the musicians were of high quality and personally very easy to work with. They were very flexible and cooperative. Thanks for all your help in pulling this together in a very short period of time."-Judy M from a major art institute in Minnesota, USA.

I just want to thank you for your truly excellent resources! We planned a charity event and used your service to locate performers who wanted to volunteer their time to our event. I assumed since I was looking for volunteers and would not be paying, that I would get little or no response. I was truly surprised by the number of performers who answered our request and the professional entertainment we were able to provide at NO COST for our event!   Your service was just outstanding and genuinely surprised all the planners by the quality of entertainers who preformed at our event. Thank you! We are using your service again for our next charity event to find low cost catering and volunteer entertainment once again for May 2004.   Prior event date: September 23, 2003.    Erin from Trinity Episcopal Church Orange, CA

"I wanted to write and thank you for helping us find a DJ service. Your event planning resource was entirely helpful and we were able to find and sign with a DJ, therefore we will no longer need your service. I appreciate all that you have done. Thanks so very much. Thanks again for the help, it made our search so very easy!- David - MN

"Your service was very helpful. I received an email from Scott [bagpiper] just a few days after I posted my information, and also had three DJ's contact me by phone or email. All in all it was a very easy process for me and I was happy with the quick responses I received, thank you!" - Suzanne from Minnesota

"Brian came through for me when I had a last minute emergency and was need of a bagpiper for a St. Pat's celebration. It was no small feat to find one available for a gig just five days away and on the busiest day of the year for bagpipers, let me tell you! --Thanks, Brian!" - Mimi D. Durkin's Pub / Anoka, MN stopped by for entertainers for holiday parties 11-20-2002 company visited us for an event request. used our services for a story they were running. visits our site for their next special event. (looks like a great place to eat and have fun) (a repeat client from 2001) Lawson Software from St. Paul MN (A large banking firm) used our services today for their upcoming events. Wisconsin company for a corporate event.
Pernod Ricard company from Florida

"We are very grateful for your help, which was really crucial to us finalizing everything before my departure back to the UK.  Your Service is excellent." - Cecilia P.

"I LOVE your site! It has everything a client wants ..." - Candy L.

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