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40s live band
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APPROXIMATE PRICES: 40s live band: 800-1500-2500-3500-5000 and up for 4 hours. Smaller cities = lower rates


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We recently received requests for quotes for live band 40s band in Red Wing, MN Minnesota, Oshkosh Wisconsin, Green Bay Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Janesville Wisconsin, and near Racine Wisconsin.

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"I needed a bagpiper for my father's funeral and this website connected me up with someone in my area and he was so good. My day went just like Dad wanted"-Tanya

"I was worried about putting a request in and then getting spammed by too many busineses but I only got 3 calls from caterers and I booked one for my event. I recommend this site-"Robert

"I put a request in for a hypnotist for our school prom and I received about 12 phone calls within 4 hours which was a little much. I at least had the option to request no more calls and that worked. I hired the one that sounded the best. Thank you for helping so fast!"-Tara

"I like this website. It helped me find a lot of things I needed for my wedding."-Sandy

"I did NOT get any response to my request for a stage rental. I had to call the company and ask for more help"-Ron (All Time Favorites comment: They called us as vendors in that area were already booked for the date they wanted so our system found none that were available. We ended up finding someone for them about 100 miles away so they could have what they needed. The system is not perfect but there is some help here if you need it-Brian (customer service rep)

"Our company party needed everything from a location to have the event, catering and a DJ. This site found all 3 very quickly and kind-of did all the work I would have had to do over the phone finding businesses that matched. Thanks for a great job!"-Haley

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