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I have learned that my experience in various multi-national corporate cultures helps to set me apart from most musicians. Additionally, working with event planners to let them tell me what they expect, as well as my making or being open to suggestions as needed makes me easy to work with. Finally, having been on the other side in some capacity (i.e. participating in a corporate event planning and experiencing the result), I work with musicians who are reliable and professional in their behavior. We understand that our presence at the event requires flexibility (i.e. playing when desired and at a volume level that is appropriate) vs. being a showcase for our talent.

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Malcolm Hunter, Saxophonist

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I have been providing this type of service since my college days (1970's). However, I have done this more frequently over the past decade. More recently, I have concentrated on corporations and I am targeting weddings (mainly, cocktail and dinner situations) and wedding anniversaries for older couples who enjoy jazz/swing/ballads/bossa..

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