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*I use to work for a large dj service. Now that I work as an independent I can give you that high-class entertainment without the high cost. *I can do this because I don't have to pay for a contracted dj. Plus I have all the skills. *I also have brand new high tech equipment, and more music. I carry back up equipment with me in the van, not back at the shop. Equipment failures happen frequently with mobile dj's since they load and unload all the time. YOU SHOULD VERIFY YOUR DJ HAS BACK UP EQUIPMENT WITH THEM not back at the shop. This is tough to do with a large Dj service that has 15-20 dj's. *I will give your the personal attention you need. You will not be one of the 15-20 factory brides like they do for a large dj service. You are my sole customer on your special day. You can verify this with any of my references. NOTE: If I book your date, please follow this advice. Call on the dj's references of course. WHEN YOU CALL MAKE SURE IT IS FOR THE DJ DOING YOUR EVENT. One trick the big services do to get new dj's a gig, is to use a reference of an experienced dj, then send out a rookie.

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Since 1998, I worked mainly for large disc jockey services. In the fall of 2003, I started my own business. 95% of my events have been weddings, that is what I specialize..

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