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THE APOCALYPSE LOUNGE is the hippest spot in the East Village and all of Manhattan! The entire venue is designed and run by artists of all types. The perfect alternative to a boring and sterile catering hall!

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The Apocalypse Lounge

Ceremony Music-Guitar and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Vocalist-Female
Ceremony Music-Vocalist-Male
facility standard-unique
live band-1 or 2 piece
live band-40s band
live band-50s band
live band-60s band
live band-70s band
live band-80s band
live band-90s band
live band-Bluegrass
live band-Blues
live band-Classic Rock
live band-Country
solo act-Belly Dancer
solo act-Caricaturist
solo act-Face Painter
solo act-fortune teller Astrologer
solo act-fortune teller Card Reader
solo act-guitarist
solo act-Juggler
solo act-mime
solo act-One man band
solo act-Puppet Show
solo act-solo banjo player
solo act-storyteller
solo act-Western Cowboy Yodeling

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We're a great venue for cocktail parties, dancing, etc. We hold about 125 people comfortably. We've got a great sound system and a fully equipped bar. The venue itself is relatively new but the owners have been in the events/entertainment business for over 20 years. See the website for more :


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