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We specialize in country music. We are line and couples dance instructors. We are entertainers. We do Karaoke. We run country nights and weekends. We do 50's parties. We do tv trivia. We teach line and couples dance instuctions. Mike and Elaine have been dancing for over 14 years. They have been teaching line and couples dance instructions for over 12 years. They have been dj'ing events all over New England , New York and New Jersey for over 10 years. They specialize in Country Events and music. They also do 50's 60's parties as well as All Request Nights with Karaoke. Here is a list below of events they have been associated with over the years. 1. We belonged to the Country Kicker Dance Team for over 6 years. 2. We have dj'd and performed at the Bolton Fair and Mt. Wachusstt Octoberfest 3. We have worked with some of New England's best Country bands such as The Rodeo Clowns, The John Penny Band, The Don Cambell Band, Almost Cowboyz, and The Tim Gillis Band. 4. We have run several Country Nights for Boston's Mayor Tom Meneno with the John Penny Band on City Hall Plaza in Boston. 5. We DJ'd and taught line dance lessons at the Harvard University Texas Bash in Cambridge. 6. We went on a road trip with Country Music Star Robin Wright and her band to Pennsylvania where we taught line dance lessons in between her sets. 7. We did a Country Night for Boston's Country Radio Station WKLB. 8. We have DJ'd and taught line dance lessons with some of the worlds top Dance Choreographers like John Robison, Barry and Dariann Amato, Max Perry, Jo Thompson, Joanne Brady, Peter Metelnik and Allison Biggs and Brian McWherter. 9. The University of Conn. Dental and Med. School Formal over 400 people. 10. Harvard University Graduating Class Formal Dinner Dance at the OceanCliffs Mansion in Newport, RI. Over 700 people. 11. The US Coast Guard Academy Pre Graduation party on a Ferry Boat out in the harbor of Long Island Sound. Over 800 people. ...and many, many more events including yours (we hope!)

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We have been dancing for 10 years. We have been dj'ing for over 6 years. We have been instructors for over 7 years.We entertain at retirement homes and Nursing homes for over 2 years.We promote country dancing and music for over 8 years..

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