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Industry Leader in Celebrity Look Alike, Look alike Impersonators and Tribute Bands. Largest Roster of Award Winning Look Alike Impersonators and Tribute Bands in the World. Local, National and International Talents.

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live band-60s band
live band-70s band
live band-80s band
live band-90s band
live band-national talent agency
live band-Tribute Jimmy Buffet
live band-Tribute Abba
live band-Tribute AC DC
live band-Tribute Band Beach Boys
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live band-Tribute Neil Diamond
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live band-Tribute Rat Pack
live band-Tribute Rod Stewart
live band-Tribute Rolling Stones
live band-Tribute Santana
live band-Tribute Simon and Garfunkel
live band-Tribute Smokey Robinson
live band-Tribute Stevie Nicks
look a likes-Arnold Schwarzenegger
look a likes-Austin Powers
look a likes-Barack Obama
look a likes-Barbra Streisand
look a likes-Beatles
look a likes-Bill Clinton
look a likes-Billy Joel
look a likes-Blues Brothers
look a likes-Bob Hope
look a likes-Britney Spears
look a likes-Bruce Willis
look a likes-Buddy Holly
look a likes-Captain Jack Sparrow
look a likes-Celine Dion
look a likes-Charlie Chaplin
look a likes-Cher
look a likes-Christina Aguilera
look a likes-Dolly Parton
look a likes-Donald Trump
look a likes-Dr Phil
look a likes-Elton John
look a likes-Entertainment Agency
look a likes-Frank Sinatra
look a likes-Garth Brooks
look a likes-George Burns
look a likes-George Bush
look a likes-George Carlin
look a likes-Godfather Impersonator
look a likes-Groucho Marx
look a likes-Hagrid from Harry Potter
look a likes-Hannah Montana
look a likes-Hillary Clinton
look a likes-Humphrey Bogart
look a likes-Jack Benny
look a likes-Jack Nicholson
look a likes-James Brown
look a likes-Janet Jackson
look a likes-Jay Leno
look a likes-Jennifer Lopez
look a likes-Jimmy Buffet
look a likes-Jimmy Durante
look a likes-JLO
look a likes-Joan Rivers
look a likes-John Travolta
look a likes-John Wayne
look a likes-Johnny Carson
look a likes-Lady Gaga
look a likes-Laurel and Hardy
look a likes-Liz Taylor
look a likes-Liza Minnelli
look a likes-Lone Ranger
look a likes-Loni Anderson
look a likes-Lucille Ball
look a likes-Madonna
look a likes-Marilyn Monroe
look a likes-Marlon Brando Impersonator
look a likes-Michael Jackson
look a likes-Mick Jaggar
look a likes-Muhammad Ali
look a likes-Nat King Cole
look a likes-Neil Diamond
look a likes-Nicole Kidman
look a likes-Obama
look a likes-Old Time Comedy Acts-Comedians
look a likes-Phil Donahue
look a likes-Prince
look a likes-Ray Charles
look a likes-Red Skelton
look a likes-Robert DeNiro
look a likes-Rodney Dangerfield
look a likes-Roseanne Barr
look a likes-Sean Connery
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look a likes-Tina Turner
look a likes-Tom Cruise
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look a likes-Willie Nelson
look a likes-Wonder Woman
Musicians-Entertainment Agency
private planner
solo act-accordion
solo act-Acrobat
solo act-Airbrush Artist
solo act-Animal Rentals
solo act-Asian Entertainment
solo act-Belly Dancer
solo act-Face Painter
solo act-Trick Animal Act
Stage Show-Celebrity Impersonators
Stage Show-Comedian-Comic
Stage Show-Hypnotist
Stage Show-Magician

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For over Thirty (30) years we have been entertaining All over the World. A GREAT reputation of only having the BEST Talents in the industry..

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