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I believe that I have more types of shows than any of my competitors and have the flexibility of mind and experience to evaluate the propriety and sensibility for any event. Corporations especially want an event where participants are not embarassed or stigmatized, yet can have a blast. As a retired Army Reserve Major,a performer who has entertained all types of audiences, and with hundreds of skits/bits I have the insite to evaluate what is appropriate and deliver a high energy show with lots of props and excitement. Also, my act is insured which buyers and venue owners like.

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Gary Conrad

Stage Show-Hypnotist

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I've been performing my show for 16 years FULL time ( some years more than 500 appearances where I hypnotized folks, although since my wife's first pregnancy last year, I've been looking to do more higher paying corporate/college work, and fewer lower paying club dates which are more fun, but require more appearances for a successful commercial stint), in 49 states, 8 foriegn countries, on radio and TV (ABC-TV's THE VIEW was my last national spot, although I've been on air with Danny Bonaduce, Fox TV's Mancow Muller, and other media celebrities), clubs, colleges, high schools, military installations, shopping malls, country clubs, state fairs, My standars show is quite zany, and I do have speciality shows: G-rated, squeeky clean, an erotic hypnotic show, a Christmas show, an Easter show, a Halloween show, Thanksgiving show, and can just about tailor make a show for just about any event, corporation or holiday. Although I discourage videotaping!
, I myself take pictures during a performance, and post them to my website,, so that all can enjoy after the event..

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