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As a recovering addict and alcoholic, I have seen a level of darkness that few people have seen let alone pulled themselves out of.From a raging alcoholic to a Ironman athlete,from the darkness to the light my journey to get there will keep you engaged and inspired. I have been speaking for many years in regards to this topic and have a rather unique catch, since coming into recovery many years ago and remaining sober I have become a 3 time Ironman athlete, fitness instructor, professional diver, and firefighter.Now my true passion is speaking to groups showing that anything is possible, and obstacles can be overcome. With a humorous approach, about a serious topic I guarantee to inform and inspire. Feel free to contact me to see that dreams do come true and anything is possible.

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I have been involved in public speaking for 10 years and have a have a special flair that the audiance will instantly pick up on..

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