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The Herb-N Kitchen Fairy provides great tasting food and the precious gift of time with a convenient and affordable solution to the question, Whats for dinner? The Herb-N Kitchen Fairy designs a customized menu driven by your personal tastes or dietary requirements. Meals are prepared in your home, packaged, labeled, and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The Herb-N Kitchen Fairy also does all the shopping and clean-up.

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What began as an idea to earn a living 'doing what one loves' rather than simply 'to make money' has turned into a dream come true. Several early employment opportunities taught me that a combination of high quality ingredients and a little imagination can result in a phenomenal dining experience. I have been cooking for family and friends for years from preparing family favorites to elaborate feasts. I have traveled extensively around the US and abroad always learning from the regions and cultures to enhance my cooking style. I incorporate my travels with my passion for great food. I continually research the finest culinary venues in order to stay abreast of the latest culinary trends. I personally test each recipe and will not serve it to a client unless it passes a rigorous approval process..

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