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Available in and around Lexington, Kentucky. Nathan Mann is a highly experienced Bagpiper who has played thousands of gigs all around the United States. He is known for his passionate playing ability and highly personable persona that he brings to every performance. Nathan has played for all sorts of events, including Weddings, Funerals, Pubs, Private Parties, Corporate Events, etc. Nathan's bagpipes open and warm the hearts of those listening and are soothing to the soul. Nathan Mann is the Bagpiper you are looking for in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

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American Bagpiper

Ceremony Music-Bagpiper and pipe bands
solo act-One man band

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Nathan has been playing the bagpipes since 2001. It was an extreme passion of his growing up to learn to play this incredible instrument. Since first picking the pipes up in October 2001, Nathan has been on fire with them. It is a true passion of Nathan's and you can see/hear it when he plays....

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