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No one should gamble on a special event like thier wedding reception. You only get one shot to do it right. We have over two decades of experience entertaining crowds at functions where the age group varies from little kids to great grandmothers. We get called back time and again to perform for families that have seen us at other events they have held. It is where most of our business comes from. A DJ does MUCH more than just play music. He is interactive and knows what the right music is for your crowd and when to play it. Our music library is one of the largest in the industry, and we are totally, 100% digital. No more CD's to skip, certainly not vinyl! Everything is played off computer hard drives vith cutting edge virtual mixing software. Of course all our equipment is backed up in case of failure, but we have not needed to use our backup yet. Nevertheless, it stands ready and waiting, hooked up and powered up at every function, just in case!

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I have been the DJ and owner of The Entertainer Sound & Light Show since 1980. I operate this full time as a professional DJ. I have performed at almost every typr of function there is. Thousands of them over the years. When you hire the Entertainer, you know the DJ you will get. We NEVER subcontract out to other, less experienced DJ's..

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