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In the past we have built strong relationships, created many referrals and lovely memories with those who have done business with and would look forward to serving you and your guests. Good-Vibes is a small company in comparison to most other Disc Jockey agencies that are available. However we feel this is an advantage to us and to those that have chosen us over our competition. We are never over-saturated with employees or gigs, so we remember you and treat you like a -you- rather than a -who-.

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We've been in the Disc Jockey business for over 10 years.With Good-Vibes we enjoy working with our customers. There are no middle men, lack of communications between company owners and our employees and best of all no surprises. I personally will work with you on customizing your special event to the way you desire. I wish only to make sure everything goes as planned. You will know who your disc jockey(s) will be because he/she will be the same person(s) who will be working with you on coordinating the entertainment for your event. Again, no surprises..

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