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Approximate prices for Kiddie Rides

- kids train rides start at 500 and ferris wheels 1000 and up, kids train rides start at 500 and ferris wheels 1000 and up
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Castle Party Rental

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
Not only are we affordable, but we offer a variety of products and services. We carry insurance and offer a price match guarantee. We have been around since 1997, so we have a lot of experience. We are constantly updating our inventory to offer the latest inventory.

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin has been providing event services to both small and large events for many years. Rather its a Post Prom, Post Graduation or Large Corporate and Community event, we have experience in providing event services that can help! Contact or call 877-464-5867

Games Galore Party Rental

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
We have one of the largest inventories of high end inflatables in the midwest. We have Mechanical Bulls, Laser Tag, Archery Tag, Photo Booths, 11 different obstacle courses, Water Slides, numerous different interactive and combo units.

The Mega Event(R)

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
The Mega Event(R)is a full-service party game and amusement rental company serving the Midwest. We offer over 100 popular games and interactive inflatables. We specialize in friendly, professional service.
Minimum to hire: $ 749.00

Jakes Jumpers LLC

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
We have a very large selection of the most popular inflatables in North East Wisconsin. All our units are cleaned and disinfected before they are delivered, which is very important when children are involved. We deliver on time and for a reasonable price.

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
We have a passion for providing you with an exciting, memorable event. From the planning to the finish, we work with you every step to achieve your dream wedding. We offer a family friendly party atmosphere with high energy and great music. We also offer Wisconsin's biggest and best photo booth, MrPicturebooth.

Whomper Room Entertainment, L.L.P.

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
Our micro-reality racing is truly inter-ACTIVE! Our 1/10 scale radio-controlled NASCAR replicars are a major attraction due to the growing popularity of NASCAR as a national sporting event. Our business provides a fun, exciting and SAFE activity.


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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
Photobooth-2-Go is a one of a kind experience that will add fun and excitement to any party! From weddings, corporate functions and school dances, Photobooth-2-Go is teh ultimate party favor and hands on entertainment!

Fargo Entertainment Company

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Kiddie Rides - Wausau Wisconsin
With twelve years of event photography experience, the Fargo Entertainment Company knows how to make you smile. Lively photographers and creative computer and graphics skills will make sure that your event stands out and is remembered.

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Approximate prices for Kiddie Rides

- kids train rides start at 500 and ferris wheels 1000 and up, kids train rides start at 500 and ferris wheels 1000 and up

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Kiddie Rides

Find local Wausau kids rides rental easily with our kiddie midway rides rental listings below.
PRICES are usually $500 and up for 4 hours of things like mechanical rides, trackless trains, kiddie carousels.
KIDDIE FERRIS WHEELS are $1000 and up 4 hours minimum.
Air Bouncers start at $95 for the small bounce houses
. We feature wedding kids rides rentals and party entertainers for all types of Wisconsin events.
Popular Rides in general include:
Amusement Park rides

Larger rides, normally only found in amusement/theme parks

* Anchors away
* Balloon Race / Samba Balloon
* Condor
* Dark rides
* Disk-O
* Drop towers
* Enterprise
* Ferris wheels or Big wheels
* Frisbees
* House of mirrors
* Insanity
* Launched FreeFall
* Looping Starship / Space Shuttle
* Log ride
* Megadrop
* Motion platforms
* Observation towers
o Gyro Towers
* Pirate Ship / Pharaoh's Fury / Sea Ray
* Roller coasters
o Switchback
o Horror train
* Sightseeing trains
* Sky Swat
* Spider
* Looper
* Tip Top
* Screamin' Swing
* Reverse bungee (slingshot)
* Swing Around / Apollo 2000
* Swing Rides
* Teacups
* Topple Tower
* Top Spin
* Troika / Scorpion
* Tumble Bug

Sample: Carnival or Funfair/Fair/Fairground rides

Traditional and transportable rides found at Carnivals/Fairs, many of which may also be found in amusement parks

* 1001 Nacht / Ali Baba / Falling Star / Joker / Rainbow (also called Flying Carpet)
* Breakdance
* Bumper cars or Dodgems
* Carousels or Merry-go-round
* Chair-O-Planes - swing ride
* Chaos
* Crazy shake
* Cliffhanger / Kite Flyer / Fly Away
* Crazy Wave / Gee Whiz / Moby Dick
* Cobra (Venture Rides)
* Dive bomber
* Enterprise (also called Millennium)
* Evolution
* Flying Coaster (also called Ski Jump or Kangaroo)
* Freak Out
* Fun Slide
* Funhouses
* Ghost train
* Gravitron / Starship 2000
* Saturn 6 / Hurricane / Downdraft
* Helter Skelter or Slide
* Jump and smile
* Insanity
* Kamikaze
* Kiddie ride
* KMG Afterburner (Fireball)
* Matterhorn / Flying Bobs
* Miami
* Music Express / Himalaya / Rock N Roll / Silver Streak
* Magnum
* Orbiter
* Octopus / Monster / Polyp / Spider
* Paratrooper or Umbrella Ride / Force 10
* Power Surge
* Quasar (also called swing)
* Reverse bungee (also called slingshot or ejection seat)
* Ranger
* Rock-O-Plane
* Rotor
* Round Up / Zero Gravity
* Ring of Fire / Larson Fireball
* Scrambler / Sizzler/ Twist (also called Twister)
* Simulator
* Shoot the Chute (Water Flumes etc)
* Skydiver
* Sky Wheel / Skywheel
* Speed
* Spin Out (also known as Move-It)
* Super star
* Suzi Symphony's Happy Harmonies (held in the Orleans County Fair)
* Tagada (riders sit in a large bowl, in which it spins round and jolts about)

Big Thrill Rides (big coasters etc)

* Tilt-A-Whirl
* Tip-top (similar to a Paratrooper, but the ride sends passengers upside down)
* Toboggan
* Tornado
* Train rides, "kiddie ride" type
* Twin Flip
* Typhoon
* Waltzer
* Wave Swinger
* Wipeout / Trabant (also called Satellite and the Mexican Hat)
* Whip
* Yo-Yo
* Zipper

Kiddie Rides Wausau, Wisconsin

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