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Mission Statement:
For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide a "One Source For All Your Event Planning Needs" type of resource connecting clients to almost anything they need in the events and hospitality industry, with a focus on minority-owned, women-owned, mom & pop and other small businesses.

Customer Service

Now Hiring: Event Planning Assistant Helper

Helping other staff with tasks in calling vendors for availability and pricing so that event planners can quote our clients.
Customer Service

Now Hiring: Inbound Calls

Answering inbound calls including new customers looking for products and services for their corporate or special event and inbound calls for other staff and vendors needing technical support. (routing them to the correct voicemail or system to help them)
Event Planning Help

Now Hiring: Event Planning Assistant

Reviewing event requests and customers who want large event assistance with many items for their event. You would make sure we connect up the client to each vendor type they want (Large corporate clients mostly).
Event Planning Help

Now Hiring: Event Planning Help - Commission Only

Working on event requests for larger clients where we split commission on the profits for these clients. No hourly pay, just split commission on the profits.
Executive Management Help

Now Hiring: General Help for Management

A variety of tasks including calling vendors, clients and following up with management at All Time Favorites.

Now Hiring: Finding ways to market All Time Favorites to our clients

Review each type of client industry and help to market All Time Favorites in the most effective way.

Now Hiring: PPC Pay-Per-Click Marketing Manager

Help us to use Google PPC, BING and other tools to advertise specific event products and services to bring more clients to All Time Favorites.

Now Hiring: Finding Vendors Online

Very good at searching on the Internet for business listings matching everything from tent rentals, bbq catering, live bands, stage rentals and anything for events. You search and find them. Then you add them to our database to help clients with their event requests.

Now Hiring: Calling on large corporations to find out event needs.

Create relationships with large corporations from our past requests and some cold calling.

Now Hiring: Creating large vendor relationships

Contacting the large vendor chains to get them to list and advertise with us, as we have the clients they need.

Now Hiring: Dedicated account reps for Fortune 500 clients planning events.

Contacting our existing clients and prospecting for large corporate clients for events. EXPERIENCE required in corporate client relations. Most of these are done on a split commission basis.

Now Hiring: Focus on minority, women-owned and small business to sign up with us.

Contacting minority business groups, women-owned and small businesses who can benefit from being listed with All Time Favorites.

Now Hiring: Getting vendors and businesses to sign up with us.

Contacting vendors to create new relationships by getting them to sign up with us as a member to get new clients.
Usually, we have a client in need of their services so it is pretty easy, but you need sales skills and a great personality.

Now Hiring: DJs, Karaoke Hosts

We are hiring DJs and Karaoke Hosts for weddings, bars, corporate, kids shows and other events to work under the All Time Favorites name. You may use your own equipment, ours, or combination of both.
Training is available.

ALSO: If you want to work under your own company name, sign up as a regular vendor at regular vendor signup
Technical Support

Now Hiring: Tech Support Help

Helping vendors with their member accounts to change product-service categories, get signed up, pay their invoices, general vendor customer support including updating their contact information.

Now Hiring: Graphics Design

Assistance in graphics design of our websites to modernize them.

Now Hiring: SEO on page and off page for OUR MEMBER WEBSITES

Help with SEO for our MEMBER websites.
Most of these are PAY when performance deliverables are reached. If you say you can get rank to #5 on Google for a phrase, you are ONLY paid when that goal is reached. If you state you can get 15 high quality backlinks from good sources, you are paid ONLY when you get those links.

Now Hiring: SEO on page and off page for our websites

Help with SEO on our many websites.

Now Hiring: Social Media Marketing - Public Relations

Assistance in promoting our company online using social media and press releases.

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Code Of Conduct:

Good moral character, ethics, honesty, and high integrity are very important to All Time Favorites.

We do not want our members/vendors supporting companies and people who violate this code as it only propagates poor character and bad behavior regardless of political affiliation.
You agree to abide by the Code Of Conduct outlined here while working with All Time Favorites.

This is not about politics. This is about basic, common decency.

You agree not to distribute nor promote disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories, white supremacism,
antisemitism (Examples: Kyrie Irving and Kanye/Ye West),
or proven false information or fake news.
(Examples: False information regarding the Covid-19 and related vaccines;
Support of The Big Lie - that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump;
Any support for the January 6th insurrection.)

Also, currently due to the Ukraine invasion by Russia, you are not showing any support of Putin and those under his direction.

You agree not to threaten, bully, cheat or disrespect others in your business transactions.

Our 30+ years of experience shows us that people who follow and support those who tell lies, bully, disrespect, and degrade others, usually show us that they do not have the respect, character, morals or integrity that we require to serve our clients.

You agree to not do business with nor show admiration or give positive support for those who do not fit this Code Of Conduct.

Examples of those who you agree NOT to do events for, or give positive support for, include:
QAnon, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, or the like; along with any business Donald J. Trump owns/runs, his family owns/runs, or his business partners.

ATF DOES monitor social media posts and other communication, to assure our Code Of Conduct is adhered to.