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Everything from solo guitarists, harpists, duos, trios and small ensembles.

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Every type of live band you would want from oldies, to 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, funk, blues, country, rock. Whatever band you want, we have it.

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Over 5000 lookalikes, impersonators and tribute groups in our database.

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Senior Living Center Entertainers

Live,DJ entertainers and live music groups that are specialists in entertainment for seniors. Everything from music to comedy acts.

Live Musicians for background music Free referrals to background musicians and live entertainment groups for corporate events, conventions, weddings or private events in your local area. Some of the musician combinations include jazz quartets or trios, swing bands, barbershop groups and harpists. Music varies from swing, jazz, variety, pop, rock to what ever you like for your event. Other entertainers include guitarist, piano players, Dixieland bands, holiday music for your corporate party, string quartet and Mariachi bands. Sometimes when you only want background music and maybe a little dancing or no dancing these groups work wonderfully for your event.

Bands-Live Music Bands: We offer free referrals to live bands for any type of event. These live bands can be anything from three-piece groups, four, five, six piece bands or more featuring music from swing, country, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today including any other style that I haven't mentioned already. We have over 3000 bands on our system. When you request quotes your information gets sent out to local bands in your area that match what you are looking for. Over 2000 live music groups are featured here from many international countries. We feature musicians from Ireland, Spain, Mexico, China, France, Germany and India to only name a few. Music styles range from Celtic, Christian, Cuban, Dixieland, folk, Hawaiian and Latin music included. We have great international groups playing Tejano, reggae and many other styles of music that you might be looking for for your corporate event, private event, or wedding reception. Most popular are variety bands featuring a wide variety of music for weddings and parties with an audience of a variety of ages and music styles they like.

Celebrity Look-A-Likes and Impersonators    We offer free referrals to over 2500 different types of celebrity look-alikes and impersonators across the USA and Canada. These include popular look-alikes and impersonators such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, political popular figures, historic speech performers and almost any look-alike or impersonator you can think of we probably have it. Local impersonators and impressionists and look-alikes usually cost around one $150-$300 per hour and include for birthday parties or retirements for example a short performance of the few songs along with posing for photos with guests. Some performances are longer and some are shorter depending on the performer. We can connect you to the right impersonators for your event anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Ceremony Music for weddings Our directory features over 2000 musicians and entertainers including vocalists for your wedding ceremony. We have anything from string quartets, harpists, vocalists, piano players, trumpet players to almost anything you could think of we have for your wedding ceremony in your local area on file already. We offer free referrals to local entertainers for your wedding ceremony. Nothing makes a wedding ceremony more special than having the right song performed live at your wedding ceremony. We have had over 20 years experience in helping connect brides and grooms to the right musicians and vocalists for their ceremonies across the USA and Canada.

DJs-Disc Jockeys for hire - Wedding DJs We can refer you to a local DJ in your area that matches what music styles you want and the interaction level you are looking for usually within your budget. With over 2500 professional DJs on file I'm sure that our system here can match you up to the right DJ for your wedding ceremony and your reception. Keep in mind that there are a lot of differences between DJs for weddings and you can find DJs as low as $200 but they will not do a very good job. Quality DJs in large metro areas start around $1000 for a four hour show and DJs in smaller cities start at least $600 for better quality. It is important to check references when hiring a DJ for your wedding, corporate event or private party. We actively remove DJs that have any type of bad attitude or poor performance record at any event so that is going to give you better quality DJs on our website than other directories or referral systems.

Inflatable Games-Amusement Rentals-Interactive Games Rentals Bounce Houses and all interactive, inflatable games Easily find the right inflatable game or interactive game for your corporate event, wedding or private event easily with our request for quote system on this page. Our directory features over 1500 professional games rental companies across the USA and Canada. We had everything from bounce houses, jukebox rentals, obstacle course rentals, water wars games, carnival games and other inflatables for your event. These interactive games are great for the very little kids up to adults. Everybody has fun when you bring out the games.

Solo Entertainers- Single Act Performers-Entertainment  Free referrals to over 4500 solo entertainers and entertainment acts gives you a one stop shop to finding entertainment for any kind of event small or large in your local area. We have acrobats, balloon twisters, belly dancers, caricaturists, clowns, dance instructors, kids characters including the Easter Bunny and Santa. Hundreds of entertainers abound with face painters, fortune tellers, petting zoos, palm readers, stilt walkers, circus entertainers, strolling entertainers and jugglers to name a few of the over 500 types of entertainers we can connect you to in your local area.

Entertainment Shows on Stage-Stage Performers and Acts Hundreds and hundreds of stage show performers and entertainers are found on our website All Time Favorites. Many of these entertainers are comedy performing acts where they entertain, make you laugh and amaze you through magic comedy and their individual talents that you may have never seen before. Some of the most popular stage entertainers include impressionists, comedians, dance performers, hypnotist stage show comedy entertainers, jugglers, magicians and hundreds more. Some of our favorites are the comedy waiter act and murder mystery entertainment shows. We also like still walkers, tribute acts where they perform and saying and entertain like a famous celebrity of today or in the past, ventriloquists and unicycle acts. Some of the best performers are ones that incorporate a variety of entertainment in one show including comedy magic juggling which works out fantastic for people of all ages. The stage shows are great for family events, corporate events, picnics, city festivals and county fairs and almost any kind of party you might be having. We can connect you up to your local entertainers and make your event so much fun.

Entertainment Services and Unique Entertainment Companies/Products Casino Games with dealers, Wild West theme entertainment, Dude Ranches, Game Show Entertainment, Horse race entertainment, Scavenger Huts, Texas Hold'em Services and Theme Resorts along with many more!

Senior Living Center Entertainers and Entertainment Specialists in entertaining seniors with music, comedy and fun!