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Free referrals to local pianists, guitarists, live music groups, and small combos for wonderful background music. These musicians can perform everything from jazz, pop, classical to light rock in a variety of formats from solo musicians to larger groups. Browse our background musicians options below or click request quotes for fast service from musicians. Many of our musicians include string quartets, jazz ensembles, pianists, guitar bass and drums trios and over 3500 musicians in our directory who can assist for your local event. For commercial or corporate events needing Accordion Ensembles, you may also call us at 1-800-232-6874 ext 7 Commercial ONLY

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Best Option! Save Time! Request Free Quotes: Live Musicians for background music.
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Best Option! Save Time! Request Free Quotes: Live Musicians for background music.

We offer free referrals to local live music groups for background music. Pianists, jazz and string groups for corporate entertainment, weddings, ceremonies, and other events.

With over 2000 musicians and entertainment options for your event, we have the live background musicians you want.

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Best Option! Save Time! Request Free Quotes: Live Musicians for background music.
accordion live musician for hire - Best Accordion Players. Great for all types of events like weddings, corporate events, birthdays and more. We have a great group of musicians. Browse down the page for local accordion players and bands.

live music trios - Best Trios and live music combos.

background musicians for hire - Best Duos and Small musicians bands

Best bagpipers for hire | Irish and Scottish Bagpipers - Best bagpipers . Free referrals to local bagpipers for wedding ceremonies and special events. We also have bagpipers for funerals. Simply request quotes on this page or browse pipers down this page.

barbershop quartet for hire near - barbershop groups for hire - Barbershop quartets . We searched the area to find the best local barbershop quartet groups and singers. Browse down this page for great quartets to hire for your events. We also have a database of most of the quartets in competitions across the country and this system uses that to find quartets for your event. This is a free referral system to find barbershop quartets.

Brass Group for hire - Best Brass Quartets . Ceremony brass quartet or brass musicians.

holiday carolers for hire - Best Dickens Style Carolers Carolers for your holiday events. Great for corporate events and malls.

classical musicias for hire near - hire classical musicians - Best Classical Musicians

dixieland bands for hire near - hire dixieland bands - live music - - Best Dixieland Bands for hire . Free referrals to local dixieland bands for your special event.

entertainment agency for hire - Entertainment Agencies . Free referrals to local entertainment agencies to help you find exactly the entertainer or entertainment to match your corporate event, wedding or private party. Browse agencies below on this page.

guitarist for hire - Best Guitarists . Guitarist singers and solo, duo or trio groups with guitar.

Harpist for hire - Best Local Harpists . Browse below for local harpists for weddings, corporate events or private parties in your area. We have some great people to work with with a lot of experience playing harp.

Holiday music entertainers and musicians, singers for hire - Best Holiday Music Groups.

Jazz Quartet -instrumental only- - Best Jazz trios or quartets.

Jazz musicians with vocalist - Best Jazz quartets or trio with vocals and Jazz quartets

Latin Band- latin band for weddings and corporate events - Best Latin Bands and live music for hire

Mariachi Band for hire - Best Mariachi Bands and live Mariachi musicians . Free referrals to Mariachi bands from 1 musician to trios and larger bands if you like. Prices for Mariachi musicians are a minimum 200 dollars for 2 hours or less PER MUSICIAN.

Pianist for hire - Best Pianists for hire . With our 20 years experience, we offer free referrals to pianists for weddings, corporate and private events. Browse down the page to view local pianists in your area.

Pianist and Vocalist - Best Piano Vocal Duo for hire

Steel Drum Band for hire - Best Steel Drum Bands for hire

string quartet for hire - Best String Quartets for weddings and events.

swing bands for hire - hire a swing band - Best Swing Bands for hire , swing band, live swing bands for hire for events.

Trumpet player for hire - Best Trumpet players.

variety band for hire - variety live band dance band - Best Variety Live Bands for dancing and weddings, wedding live bands, dance bands..

violinist for hire - Violinists for hire. Free referrals to local violinists for hire.

Woodwind Musician - Locate Woodwind groups

Best Option! Save Time! Request Free Quotes: Live Musicians for background music.