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Ermal Williamson is the most popular John Wayne impersonator in the USA He has been recognized and hired by John Wayne Enterprises. With over 30 years experience, an AFTRA/SAG actor (many TV projects and movies)
. He has performed live on stage in a couple dozen sows in and around Hollywood,
and John Wayne look-alike/impersonator, he has
. ridden his horse through John Wayne's (ex)house when purchased by the Beverly Hills owners
. Performed as the Duke in all of Coors Light Commercials
. Performed as the John Wayne image/docent on Duke's yacht, the Wild Goose for 18 years
. Ridden in the Tournament of Roses Parade 3 times as John Wayne
. Performed in Japan, England and most recently in So. Korea as John Wayne
. Performed in most of the 20 states in the USA -
. Written 7 widely-acdcepted Western novels in the style of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey with the flavor of John Wayne characteristics
. measured the same as the Duke in size, built, and hat as the Duke
come as most to the likeness of the Duke in looks and mannerisms, having 30 years under his belt.

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Paula Erlene is the most sound-alike and look=alike impersonator of Patsy Cline in the USA
. She has performed in Branson as Patsy for over 2-1/2 years
. She has recorded a CD album with Patsy Cline songs
. She is an accomplished stage performer as an actor in the John Wayne Show.
. She is an accomplished impersonator in skits performed in the John Wayne Show as Patsy Cline, Maureen O'Hara, Katherine Hepburn and Lucille Ball.
. She is America's Yodeling Sweetheart with to TV commercials; one national (SAG Eligible and one regional.
. She has performed with the John Wayne Show throughout most of the 50 USA states
. She in an international star, having performed for 2,000 yodelers in South Korea - Best Yodeler in the World.
. She has recorded and performed on stage many songs from other Weste4rn female recording artists such as: Dolly Parton, Reba McIntyre, Loretta Lyn, Lyn Anderson, et al, and also Johnny Cash and John Denver music.
. She is blond and blue eyes, but on stage she dons the red wig, and the black wigs of the female artist she portrays, and with her singing and mannerisms, it's hard to differentiate between any of them.
. She is a great impressionist.

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