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Steffan Soule's Kennedy Center Award Winning magic represents the state of the art. Soule gives one of the very best magical performances created for the corporate audience in the country. His shows are proven, successful performances guaranteed to communicate mystery, teamwork and quality while motivating people to accomplish the impossible. It takes a confident and polished performer to reach today’s corporate audience. Steffan’s level of quality ensures that everyone in your audience will be impressed, and makes the event planner look great. You might find a clean comedian, you can usually find a great musician, but in Steffan Soule you have definitely found a fantastic corporate style magician. Steffan Soule has crafted his show for the modern corporate audience while writing custom magic shows for top executives at national sales meetings, corporate retreats and annual events. He creates world premiere grand illusions for some of the largest theatres and corporate events in the country.
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Since 1981, Steffan Soule performed as the premiere quality magician in the Northwest specializing in shows for corporate events; floating company logos in the air, and making presidents appear and disappear. Creating custom magic shows for audiences like Boeing, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Nordstrom has given Steffan a wealth of new and original material.
Now, in addition to the corporate events arena, Steffan Soule’s show entitled, Mysterian features the elaborate Grand Illusions for which he is known and can be seen at Illusionz, a magical entertainment center in Issaquah, Washington. Mysterian is a million dollar magic show, the longest running magic show on the West Coast, the largest magic show in the USA outside of Vegas, and it is featured on the national television special 'Masters of Illusion'..

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