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Phoenix Amusements provides fun game rentals for all type of events. We have done everything from company parties to birthday parties to business openings to holiday celebrations. We have even been in popular movie and TV productions! We also provide custom branding to our games where we provide you the templates, we print and install the graphics. Great for trade shows, activations and private parties too. Our most sought after items include our Basketball Machines, Cash Blowing Machines, Carnival Games, Giant Games, Portable Bleachers and our unique Portable Mini Golf. We bring the fun to you!
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PAI is an interactive game rental company servicing the greater Atlanta metro area as well as many destinations around the United States. You’ll notice that some of our competitors do not mention who they are or how long they have been in business. Not us!

Founded in 1959 by Don Hankinson Sr., Phoenix Amusements started out as a jukebox entertainment provider, arcade operator and route management company. To this date, we still get requests to service juke boxes sold in the 60s!
(We do not service equipment as a part of our offerings).

We maintain and service all our own inventory and have done so since our founding. Our focus has always been on the customer and our products. Expanding into new markets as technology has changed over the decades, we started to rent or lease items for the Special Events market including engagement marketing activities..

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