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Searchlight Advertising is the use of a very powerful light beam that creates the curiosity to attract people to your special event location.
In a way, Searchlight Advertising is a form of broadcasting like Radio or Television. Instead of using radio waves as a signal to deliver a message, the searchlight signal is a very bright beam of light without a message! People are very curious, want to know what the message is, and have been known to drive for miles to track down the light to find out what's going on.

Nothing says “Special Event” like a real searchlight. As for those little multi-beam lights you've seen lately, they are just spotlights, and the beam of light they produce, the beam width or even the beam's length can't compare to the power of an authentic carbon arc searchlight.
The light can set up almost anywhere, and we provide our own power. We just need enough level space on your lot to park our truck & trailer, and sweep the night sky at a 10 to 45 degree angle. The light comes with its own operator that stays with the light during operation, and takes it away when operation is finished. We operate our searchlight unit on its 20' transport trailer,
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We have been in business since 2002 serving the Los Angeles Area with our fully restored W.W. II Carbon Arc
The Searchlights of World War II were a universal feature of defense used by all participants in the conflict, and in use specifically in Normandy by the "Skylighters" of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion. Today, the beam symbolizes rays of hope, and future peace after the war's destruction.
The General Electric Model 1942-A Searchlight was one of these weapons of war, and was used to guard the California coast against night air attacks during W.W. II.
After the war, the light spent many years at China Lake Navel Reserve in Ridgecrest California before it was sold in the early 60's to a Searchlight advertising company in Bakersfield California. There, the light was used for advertising and in later years as a spare parts machine for other military searchlights that had been converted for commercial advertising use.
In October of 2001 the light was moved to Santa Clarita where it was restored as a tribute to the "Greatest Generation" of men, and women who bravely served, fought and gave their lives for our freedom in World War II. It will be used to help promote military's living history and the remembrance of our veterans, as well as keeping the "American Tradition" of using W.W.II Carbon Arc Searchlights for advertising alive in the Los Angeles area, and the rest of the United States..

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