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Entertainment must be carefully selected, given the demographics of one's audience. This is the most difficult aspect of producing a successful event. We have the experience and the ability to articulate to potential buyer those elements, so that the proper selection can be made. This is what makes our company unique.

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live band-Tribute Jimmy Buffet
live band-Tribute Abba
live band-Tribute AC DC
live band-Tribute Aretha Franklin
live band-Tribute Band Beach Boys
live band-Tribute Band Blood Sweat and Tears
live band-Tribute Band Chicago
live band-Tribute Band Led Zeppelin
live band-Tribute Beatles
live band-Tribute Blues Brothers
live band-Tribute Bon Jovi
live band-Tribute Bruce Springsteen
live band-Tribute Eagles
live band-Tribute Elton John
live band-Tribute Elvis
live band-Tribute Frank Sinatra
live band-Tribute Garth Brooks
live band-Tribute George Michael
live band-Tribute Groups
live band-Tribute Johnny Cash
live band-Tribute Journey
live band-Tribute Karen Carpenter
live band-Tribute Kiss
live band-Tribute Michael Jackson
live band-Tribute Motown Groups
live band-Tribute Neil Diamond
live band-Tribute Patsy Cline
live band-Tribute Peggy Lee
live band-Tribute Queen
live band-Tribute Rat Pack
live band-Tribute Rod Stewart
live band-Tribute Rolling Stones
live band-Tribute Santana
live band-Tribute Simon and Garfunkel
live band-Tribute Smokey Robinson
live band-Tribute Stevie Nicks
live band-Tribute Tim McGraw
live band-Tribute Tom Petty
live band-Tribute Tool
live band-Tribute Van Halen
live band-Tribute Van Morrison
live band-Tribute Willie Nelson
look a likes-Abbott and Costello
look a likes-Abraham Lincoln
look a likes-Al Jolson
look a likes-Alan Alda
look a likes-Archie Bunker
look a likes-Austin Powers
look a likes-Barack Obama
look a likes-Barbra Streisand
look a likes-Beatles
look a likes-Ben Affleck
look a likes-Bill Clinton
look a likes-Billy Crystal
look a likes-Billy Joel
look a likes-Blues Brothers
look a likes-Bob Hope
look a likes-Britney Spears
look a likes-Bruce Willis
look a likes-Buddy Holly
look a likes-Captain Jack Sparrow
look a likes-Celine Dion
look a likes-Channing Tatum
look a likes-Charlie Chaplin
look a likes-Charo
look a likes-Cher
look a likes-Chris Farley
look a likes-Christina Aguilera
look a likes-Dan Aykroyd
look a likes-Desi Arnez
look a likes-Dick Cheney
look a likes-Dolly Parton
look a likes-Drew Barrymore
look a likes-Drew Carey
look a likes-Elton John
look a likes-Elvis
look a likes-Entertainment Agency
look a likes-Frank Sinatra
look a likes-Frankie Valli
look a likes-Garth Brooks
look a likes-George Burns
look a likes-George Bush
look a likes-George Carlin
look a likes-George Carlin Impersonator
look a likes-George Clooney
look a likes-Gillian Anderson X Files
look a likes-Godfather Impersonator
look a likes-Groucho Marx
look a likes-Hagrid from Harry Potter
look a likes-Halle Berry
look a likes-Hanibal Lector
look a likes-Hannah Montana
look a likes-Hillary Clinton
look a likes-Humphrey Bogart
look a likes-Jack Benny
look a likes-Jack Nicholson
look a likes-Jackie Chan
look a likes-jackie gleason
look a likes-James Bond
look a likes-James Brown
look a likes-James Dean
look a likes-Jane Russell
look a likes-Janet Jackson
look a likes-Jay Leno
look a likes-Jennifer Lopez
look a likes-Jimmy Buffet
look a likes-Jimmy Durante
look a likes-JLO
look a likes-Joan Rivers
look a likes-John Kerry
look a likes-John McCain
look a likes-John Wayne
look a likes-Johnny Carson
look a likes-Jonas Brothers
look a likes-Kate Middleton
look a likes-Kid Rock
look a likes-Lara Croft
look a likes-Laurel and Hardy
look a likes-Liz Taylor
look a likes-Liza Minnelli
look a likes-Lone Ranger
look a likes-Loni Anderson
look a likes-Lucille Ball
look a likes-Madonna
look a likes-Marilyn Monroe
look a likes-Marlon Brando Impersonator
look a likes-Marx Brothers
look a likes-Matrix
look a likes-Michael Jackson
look a likes-Mick Jaggar
look a likes-Morpheus
look a likes-Muhammad Ali
look a likes-Nat King Cole
look a likes-Neil Diamond
look a likes-Neo
look a likes-Nicolas Cage
look a likes-Nicole Kidman
look a likes-Obama
look a likes-Old Time Comedy Acts-Comedians
look a likes-Pamela Anderson
look a likes-Paul Ryan
look a likes-Paul Stanley of KISS
look a likes-Phil Donahue
look a likes-Pink
look a likes-President Woodrow Wilson
look a likes-Prince
look a likes-Prince William
look a likes-Ray Charles
look a likes-Red Skelton
look a likes-Robert DeNiro
look a likes-Rodney Dangerfield
look a likes-Roseanne Barr
look a likes-Russell Crowe
look a likes-Sarah Palin
look a likes-Sean Connery
look a likes-Shakira
look a likes-Smokey Robinson
look a likes-Stevie Nicks
look a likes-Taylor Swift
look a likes-Three Stooges
look a likes-Tiger Woods
look a likes-Tina Turner
look a likes-Tom Cruise
look a likes-Tom Jones
look a likes-Uma Thurman
look a likes-Wayne Newton
look a likes-Will Rogers
look a likes-Wonder Woman
Stage Show-Celebrity Impersonators
Stage Show-Celebrity Impressionists
Stage Show-Comedian-Comic
Stage Show-Tribute Show

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