Will Roberts, Magician, Trick Roper, gun spinner, whips, balloon artist |


Will Roberts The Honest Huckster. This 20-30-45 minute show will leave you mystified, codified, justified and fit to be tied! Magic, skills of the wild west, humor! Plus, you might even be cure of what ails you! Whether it’s your gut, your mut, a bad drive or a crooked putt, this show can heal you and certainly appeal to you! enter into Will’s domain and see if you don’t leave changed.


20-30-45 minute show
Strolling walk around magic
Strolling Trick Roping
Strolling Gun spinning
Strolling Balloon art
Menu Telephone:702-481-5829

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Actor Will Roberts – Magician, Wild West Performer, Actor, Comedian

Will Roberts is a renaissance man to say the least. A SAG actor for the past 37 years, Professional actor, Clown, Balloon artist, dancer, …

Will has spent the last 37 years developing quite a variety of talents. From an on air FOX Kids host, a seasoned theater actor, Syndicated radio humorist, to performing on Las Vegas strip and his comedic work with the famed Cirque du Soleil. Take a look at my work and you will agree that this actor has the versatility & acting chops to hang with the big boys.

In addition to being an established actor, he is also a

Guinness World Record Holder:

Gun Spinner

Trick roping

Whip artist

Professional cowboy

Former Cirque du Soleil performer, who performed in the “Viva Elvis” show in Las Vegas for four years..

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