Music Database 2000 Order Form

This form is for ordering registration codes (which unlock the demo version)
and for ordering the software for download (no CDROM versions available any longer)

Note: All demo versions CONTAIN the full version
They just need the unlock or registration codes to give full access to the software.

You can Call in your order to All Time Favorites (our parent company) 
1-651-688-9600 (it is slower this way)

MDB 2000 Main Home Page

This order form is for Money Order - CREDIT CARD - USA CHECKS and PayPal Orders

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If this is to be registered in another person's name 
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then put their name here as the software will be registered in their
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PRICES: US Dollars (Note:One copy has to be purchased per computer)
Click here for information about regular version or network version
For conversion to other currencies use PAYPAL below and 
PAYPAL will show you the converted amount in your country

Quantity                Regular Version      Network Version
Quantity 1 (first copy)$ 39.95             $49.95      
           (if you are over 60 years old you can take a discount of $10 off regular prices (only if you need the discount as we are a small software company)
Additional copies      $ 29.95 each.       $39.95 each.
Over 20 copies please call us for bulk pricing.

I am ordering     
 registration code  at $
and an additional 
 registration codes at $ each.
Additional copies are for you only within your company or personal use.
You can not order additional copies for friends for discounted rates as
each additional copy is registered under your name only.
Note: One registration code per computer.  
The registration code will unlock the demo copy to a FULL Version.

Payment Information---------------------------------------------------

I will be paying by   (use PAYPAL for non US DOLLAR payments if you like)
If payment is by credit card enter credit card information below:
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This # is the last 3 or 4 #'s on the front or back (not the card #)
Custom Database Conversion Charges- (optional)------------------
(only fill this in if you paid custom conversion charges to convert
 your current database to our format)
As quoted by you, I agree to pay an additional US $   
for customization of mdb2000 or conversion of my current database 
into MDB2000 format which is the same as (Microsoft Access 7.0 format - Access 97)
Custom version of mdb2000 require a separate email describing your needs prior to 
filling out this order form so that you can put the proper $ amount in the box
CD-ROM Option

Minnesota Residents
I live in Minnesota USA and please add 6.5% sales tax of $ dollars.
    Tax examples are 39.95 = 2.60 tax or 44.95 = 2.92 tax 
IF you have a PROMOTIONAL CODE please enter it here 
(if you don't know what this is...then it does not apply to your order)

If paying by check---allow 7-10 days after we receive your check for us to ship
your software. Send checks to the address at the bottom of this page.

The total amount I will be paying you is $ US dollars.  
(please include all additional charges above that may apply)
You agree to the above by clicking on the button below.

PAYPAL orders will have an order screen come up after this form

Thank you!

Please allow 10-30 seconds for a response page
before hitting the button again if needed


All Time Favorites Inc. (30th year in business!)
(Parent company for Music Database 2000) MDB2000 is now over 20 years old and still running databases!
PO BOX 201325
Eagan, MN 55420
1-(651) 454-1124