Things to check BEFORE you book a DJ for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception

by Brian Harrell of Minnesota DJs (20 years hiring and firing DJs experience)

1. Make sure you check references.  Ask for the 4 most recent weddings they have done and the names/phone #'s of those clients to check references.  This way you can see if they are regularly hired by brides/grooms and you will get the most accurate references and not the "top 10" from the last 5 years which every DJ has on file.

2. The best way to hire a DJ is preview live at an event or watch a video/DVD/youtube performance of them.  Make sure what you are seeing is the equipment and the exact DJ you will be getting and not just a general company-wide commercial.

3. In the contract check for these items:
    a. Date of event (make sure the day of the week, date and year is correct)
    b. Location of event (including the address)
    c. Exact times including DJ is to arrive 1.5 hours prior to guest arrival time (which is 5PM) and play dinner music from 5PM to 7PM then dance music 7-11 PM
    d. Overtime rates must be in the contract and usually are "overtime is $___per 1/2 hour or per hour payable at the beginning of overtime"
    e. Make sure the exact DJ name is in the contract.  Your DJ will be ______________(name of exact DJ)
    f. Sound and Lighting description included in the contract. Similar to: Sound and lighting is included as shown in our online video demo at www. theirwebsiteaddress .com or Sound consists of (2) 15" speakers and 1 sub-woofer capable of 300 watts per channel along with 2 special effectsl lights, a mirror ball effect light and fog machine.
    g. Attire. Please write what type of attire the DJ should be wearing. Example: The DJ will be in tux shirt/bow tie, black pants and black shoes or collar shirt/tie or semi-casual (jeans ok) or shorts and a tank top (whatever, just make sure it is in writing so you don't get a DJ in some t-shirt and jeans when you didn't want that)
    h. Backup equipment. Good DJs have backup amplifiers and if using laptops (a backup laptop or computer) to play music on.  This should be in the contract.

4. There are more items to make sure to have in place and in the contract PRIOR to booking your DJ
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Have a great wedding day!

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