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Department:transportation services
  •   Airport Transportation
  • PRICES: competitive local rates plus airport fees (required)
    (searchwords: airport transportation limo hummer)

  •   Bus Rental - Sporting Events
  • PRICES: competitive rates
    (searchwords: transportation services Sports)

  •   Car Rentals
  • PRICES: Typically Vintage Rolls Royce 200-275 per hour and about 1000-1400 per day, Vintage Classic Mercedes 175-250 per hour and about 1000 per day, Ventage Model A 250-300 per hour and 1000-1500 per day, Others include Bentley 300 per hour, Escalades 200 per hour, H2 Hummer 200-250 per hour, Most more modern vehicles are between 150-250 per hour. CLASSIC CARS are Chauffer Driven ONLY.
    (searchwords: transportation services Classic cars car rental auto)

  •   Charter Bus Services
  • PRICES: competitive rates
    (searchwords: transportation services Bus or Motorcoach Charters charter bus rental)

  •   DMC Destination Management Companies

  • (searchwords: transportation services DMC Destination Management Companies dnc company)

  •   Golf Cart Rentals

  • (searchwords: golf cart rentals transportation ground utility)

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  •   Group Tours
  • PRICES: From 15-50 per person local city tours
    (searchwords: transportation services Group Tours)

  •   Horse Carriage Rentals
  • horseandcarriagephotohorseandcarriagephotobride groom wedding horse carriage rental baton rouge clinton la louisiana
    PRICES: Horse and Carriage prices range from 500 (smaller towns) to 1000 and up for larger metro areas. These are the starting prices for renting a carriage for weddings, funerals or any type of event. Mileage above 1.5 miles of riding is usually additional. Mileage to get to your city is additional. Decorations on the carriage for weddings are usually additional.
    (searchwords: transportation services Horse buggy carriage carage carrage rental funeral)

  •   Hummer Rentals
  • Hummer-Humvee rentals PRICES: 300 minimum 1 hour 2 hours 400 3 hours 500 4 hours 600 approx rates some are stretch hummers
    (searchwords: transportation services Limo limousine limosine limozine hummer hummer2 stretch limo humvee)

  •   Incentive Travel and Rewards Programs

  • (searchwords: incentive travel and rewards programs)

  •   Limousine Rental Services
  • Limo rentals. Limo rental companies. Fast free quotes.
    (searchwords: transportation services Limo limousine limosine limozine hummer hummer2 stretch limo humvee prom)

  •   Motorcoach rentals

  • (searchwords: transportation services Executive Motor Coach bus rental)

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  •   Party Bus Rentals
  • Party Buses are great to rent when you want to party on the bus and enjoy music and lights inside the bus while going from club to club. PRICES: 30 passenger party bus 4 hours 400.00 but for larger metro areas starting rates can range from 500-800 for 4 hours. Theme buses included
    (searchwords: transportation services Party Bus Rental partybus limo charter bus)

  •   Personal Driver
  • Personal Driver Service - Personal Transportation Services
    (searchwords: transportation services Limo limousine limosine limozine hummer hummer2 stretch limo humvee prom)

  •   Private Air Charters
  • Private Air Charter Service PRICES: Prices vary from 800-2000 per hour
    (searchwords: private jet airline transportation air charter)

  •   Private Jet Charters
  • Private Jet Rental for your commercial or private use PRICES: prices vary but start at 2000/day
    (searchwords: private jet airline transportation charter)

  •   Public Tours
  • All types of public tours. Walking tours, bus tours, boat tours, carriages and many more types of public tours PRICES: Many tours are 10-25 dollars per person. Group tours available.
    (searchwords: transportation services Public Tours)

  •   School Bus Rentals
  • PRICES: competitive rates
    (searchwords: transportation services School Bus bus rental)

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  •   Utility Cart Rentals
  • PRICES: local rates vary
    (searchwords: utility cart golf cart rental)

  •   Horse Carriage - Buggy For Sale
    (Business-to-business only)
    Products or Services ONLY
    for sale to businesses
  • Horse and Buggy Parts and Horse Buggy Carriages for Sale
    (searchwords: horse buggy for sale)

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