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APPROXIMATE PRICES: Searchlight Rentals: We have over 180 searchlights across the USA and Canada in general prices range from $400 (small cities) to $1000 (large cities) for 3-4 hours. We have monthly Hollywood searchlight rentals also. The FASTEST way to get quotes is on this page-request quotes form). We also have a laser searchlight which is the brightest searchlight in the country. Exact Quotes are based on date-time-location-hours-distance of light wanted.

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IF THIS IS FOR SEPTEMBER 11th - BOOK ASAP for 2022 and 2023 as we book far in advance. Min for a small single light 1000 and larger searchlights start at 1000-1500 dollars PER LIGHT. DO NOT ASK FOR DONATIONS as operators do not have discounts available on that date.
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