Do you know some VR games?

The trend of virtual reality is filling the Internet more and more every day. People appreciate this technology for the feelings close to realistic because of its unique technology. While usual display ability allows outputting the picture of a flat surface the VR suggests the world similar to the real one. But the development of this innovative tool is not on an appropriate level to use it by the majority.

What about fields where the VR can be applied? Probably, the best practices can be fined in science, education, and entertainment. The last one is very popular today, especially, within young people. Why? The answer is simple: it gives more return, emotions, and involvement in the game process. Even though the technology is on the initials stages of the development, there are a lot of cool computer games which everyone can test out today. Of course, you need a special set of equipment and games themselves.

What games can you play?

Today the best variant applying the VR is a rhythm music game called Beat Saber. It is gaining popularity today because of its unique gameplay and a great collection of available songs. So the first type of VR games is a musical direction.

Another interesting genre is RPG where you can fight, loot, raise your level and so on. Such example can be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. But there are disadvantages too. The process of fighting is a bit strange and uncomfortable so you need time to get used to it. Another one is connected to a graphic resolution because a high-quality picture of landscapes is hard to get on the current stage of development VR. But still role-play games are a good decision to try.

If you are a fun of the gambling sphere, there is something special and for you! VR technologies entered into this field too. As a result, a lot of gamers can try to get big winnings literally by their own hands. Usually, the games include online casinos, bingo rooms, slots, and many other popular games. You will get an extraordinary and new experience and feelings from such ordinary mode.

Simulators. There are both flight and car simulators depending on what you like the most. The first group can be represented by Star Wars, Star Conflict, War Thunder, etc. While sitting in the room you will be able to run your own aircraft or even spaceship. The demonstration of land transport includes Dirty Rally, Project Cars, Need for Speed and many others. But for a full dive into the virtual world, you need a special simulator which you can find in your city.

Don't forget about the horrors. Imagine when a monster jumps out from your monitor or screen right on you! Such moments you can feel playing CyberPhobia, well-known and on PC Alien: Isolation, The Exorcist - Legion VR. Probably you will remember them for a long time.

All in all, there is a big range of VR games accordingly to your wishes. As the technology of virtual reality is new, fresh possibilities and games are open for the near future. Try it now and compare what will be in the future.