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Marty Conn Entertainment has been bringing musical and variety entertainment to audiences all over the country for over 60 years. From the Presidential Inaugural Balls going back to John Kennedy and through the Bush era, to Clevelands own local Fairs and Festivals, from community events to weddings of all sizes, from TV and recording legends to the Las Vegas Stage, we have provided the talent and the acts that have delighted audiences of all ages.

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marty conn entertainment
marty conn entertainment
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entertainment ideas for events corporate and private events ohio
entertainment ideas for events corporate and private events ohio
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Marty Conn Entertainment

advertising specialty--documents
advertising specialty--Event Signs
advertising specialty-labels stickers decals
advertising specialty-Matches
AV Production
AV Production-Large Outdoor Mobile LED Screens
AV Production-Lighting
AV Production-PA systems
AV Production-Portable Stage
AV Production-Screens
AV Rental-Lighting
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-APEX2016
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-APEX2420
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-APEX3224
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-APEX4240
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-APEX5040
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-sl100
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-sl260
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-sl320
AV Rental-Mobile Stage Rental-Large-sl50
AV Rental-PA systems
AV Rental-Portable Stage
AV Rental-Projectors
AV Rental-Screens
AV Rental-wireless microphones
Ceremony Music- Classical
Ceremony Music- Entertainment Agency
Ceremony Music- Gospel
Ceremony Music- International Ethnic Music
Ceremony Music- Jazz Instrumental
Ceremony Music- Jazz with vocals
Ceremony Music- Latin
Ceremony Music- Variety Pop Jazz Showtunes
Ceremony Music-Accordion and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Bagpiper and pipe bands
Ceremony Music-Brass Groups
Ceremony Music-Duo
Ceremony Music-Flute and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Guitar and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Harp and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Mariachi musicians
Ceremony Music-Piano and Digital Keyboard and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Piano and vocalist solo or duo
Ceremony Music-Steel drum and tropical music bands
Ceremony Music-String Quartet
Ceremony Music-Trio
Ceremony Music-Trumpet players and groups
Ceremony Music-Violin and ensembles
Ceremony Music-Vocalist-Female
Ceremony Music-Vocalist-Male
Ceremony Music-Woodwind and ensembles
Corporate event-concert producer
Corporate event-corporate planner
Corporate event-event management
Corporate event-event producer
Corporate event-event production
decor services-custom props
decor services-Theme Ideas
decor services-Uplighting
Entertainment Agency
Entertainment Services-Casino Night Entertainment
Entertainment Services-Game Shows
Entertainment Services-Green Screen Video Entertainment
Entertainment Services-Murder Mystery
Entertainment Services-Team Building Activities
Entertainment Services-Texas Holdem Poker Casino Games
Entertainment Services-Thrill Shows
Entertainment Services-Western Theme Entertainment
Entertainment Services-Wild West Shows
entertainment-Wax Hands Equipment
Event Planning-Destination Management Companies
event services-Event Staffing
events tours-Corporate Tours
facility standard- venue locating service
interact games-Carnival Games
interact games-Mechanical Bull
interact games-Meltdown Wipeout Ride
interact games-Midway Rides
interact games-Package Deal Large Events
interact games-Photo Booths
interact games-Video Karaoke
interact games-Wax Hands
live band- agency
live band- Wedding and variety
live band-1 or 2 piece
live band-40s band
live band-50s band
live band-60s band
live band-70s band
live band-80s band
live band-90s band
live band-Ballroom
live band-Big Band Orchestra
live band-Bluegrass
live band-Blues
live band-Cajun or Zydeco
live band-Classic Rock
live band-Contemporary Jazz
live band-Country
live band-Cover Band
live band-Disco and Funk
live band-Dixieland
live band-Hip Hop and Rap
live band-Irish Pub Band
live band-Jazz Instrumental
live band-Jazz with vocals
live band-Latin
live band-Marimba Band
live band-Motown
live band-national talent agency
live band-old time polkas waltzes
live band-Original Music
live band-Reggae Tropical Steel Drum
live band-Rhythm and Blues
live band-rockabilly
live band-Southern Rock
live band-Swing
live band-TOP 40
live band-Tribute Jimmy Buffet
live band-Tribute Abba
live band-Tribute AC DC
live band-Tribute Aretha Franklin
live band-Tribute Band Beach Boys
live band-Tribute Band Led Zeppelin
live band-Tribute Beatles
live band-Tribute Blues Brothers
live band-Tribute Bon Jovi
live band-Tribute Bruce Springsteen
live band-Tribute Eagles
live band-Tribute Elton John
live band-Tribute Elvis
live band-Tribute Frank Sinatra
live band-Tribute Garth Brooks
live band-Tribute Groups
live band-Tribute Johnny Cash
live band-Tribute Journey
live band-Tribute Karen Carpenter
live band-Tribute Kiss
live band-Tribute Michael Jackson
live band-Tribute Motown Groups
live band-Tribute Neil Diamond
live band-Tribute Patsy Cline
live band-Tribute Peggy Lee
live band-Tribute Queen
live band-Tribute Rat Pack
live band-Tribute Rod Stewart
live band-Tribute Rolling Stones
live band-Tribute Santana
live band-Tribute Simon and Garfunkel
live band-Tribute Smokey Robinson
live band-Tribute Stevie Nicks
live band-Tribute Tim McGraw
live band-Tribute Tom Petty
live band-Tribute Tool
live band-Tribute Van Halen
live band-Tribute Van Morrison
live band-Tribute Willie Nelson
look a likes-Beatles
look a likes-Blues Brothers
look a likes-Donald Trump
look a likes-Elvis
look a likes-Frank Sinatra
look a likes-Jimmy Buffet
look a likes-Marilyn Monroe
Meeting Planner
Musicians-Brass Groups
Musicians-December Holiday
Musicians-Entertainment Agency
Musicians-steel drum
Musicians-string quartet
Photography Services-Corporate Events
Photography Services-Event Photographer
Photography Services-Green Screen
Photography Services-Portrait Photography
Photography Services-Schools
Photography Services-Weddings
rentals-Grandstand Seating for large events
rentals-Portable Bleacher and Grandstand Rentals
solo act-Barbershop Quartet
solo act-Caricaturist
solo act-Carolers Holiday
solo act-Clown
solo act-Comedy Roasts
solo act-Comedy Variety Act
solo act-Cowboy Performers
solo act-dance instructor
solo act-Easter Bunny
solo act-Face Painter
solo act-Fire Eater
solo act-guitarist
solo act-Holiday Characters-Strolling
solo act-Juggler
solo act-Knife Throwers
solo act-Magician
solo act-mannequin live
solo act-mime
solo act-One man band
solo act-Petting Zoo
solo act-Puppet Show
solo act-Reptile Show
solo act-Robots
solo act-School Assembly and Library Shows
solo act-Senior Entertainers
solo act-Singing Telegram
solo act-solo banjo player
solo act-Stiltwalker Other Characters
solo act-Stiltwalker Uncle Sam Character
solo act-storyteller
solo act-strolling circus acts
solo act-strolling cirque performers entertainers acts
solo act-Sword Swallower
solo act-Tahitian Dancers
solo act-Trade Show Magician
solo act-Ventriloquist
solo act-Western Theme Entertainers
Speaker-Risk Management
Special Effects-Concert Lighting Specialists
Special Effects-Confetti Cannons and streamers
Special Effects-Indoor Special Effects
Special Effects-Intelligent Lighting Shows
Special Effects-Laser Light Shows
Special Effects-Pyrotechnics
Stage Show-A Capella Groups-Barbershop Groups
Stage Show-Acrobatic Act-Aerial Dance Act
Stage Show-Agencies Entertainment and Event Production Services
Stage Show-Animal Acts-Live Animal Entertainers
Stage Show-Broadway Cabaret Show
Stage Show-Burlesque Shows
Stage Show-Celebrity Impersonators
Stage Show-Celebrity Impressionists
Stage Show-Circus Show
Stage Show-Cirque Shows
Stage Show-Comedian-Comic
Stage Show-Comedy Troupe Improv
Stage Show-Comedy Variety Act
Stage Show-Dance Performers
Stage Show-Drama Productions Theatre Shows
Stage Show-Dueling Piano Players
Stage Show-Emcee Master of Cermonies MC
Stage Show-Fire Performers-Solo and Troupes
Stage Show-Game Shows-Interactive
Stage Show-Illusionist Escape Artist
Stage Show-interactive games entertainer
Stage Show-Juggler-Comedy Juggler-Plate Spinner-Balancing Act
Stage Show-Magician
Stage Show-Mentalist-Mind Reader
Stage Show-Musical Review Show-Nostalgia Act-Vaudeville Act
Stage Show-National Acts-Celebrities-Sports-Movie Stars
Stage Show-Pick Pocket Comedy Act
Stage Show-Renaissance Entertainers
Stage Show-School Assembly and Library Shows
Stage Show-Storyteller
Stage Show-Stunt Shows
Stage Show-Team Building Events
Stage Show-Thrill Shows
Stage Show-Tribute Show
Stage Show-Trick Acts
Stage Show-Unicycle Act
Stage Show-Ventriloquists
Stage Show-Yodeling
T Shirt Launcher
transportation services-Limo
transportation services-Private Air Charter
transportation services-Private Jet
video-video production services
Wedding DJ
world music- agency
world music-Asian
world music-Bavarian
world music-Celtic
world music-Chinese
world music-Cuban
world music-Flamenco
world music-Folk Music
world music-French
world music-German
world music-Greek
world music-Hawaiian
world music-India
world music-Irish
world music-Italian
world music-Jewish
world music-Klezmer
world music-Mariachi
world music-Polish
world music-Reggae
world music-Renaissance
world music-Salsa
world music-Spanish
world music-Square Dance
world music-Thai
world music-Zydeco

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Marty Conn is a legend in the music industry as a performer and Entertainment Manager/Agent. He was considered one of the top 5 drummers in the world back in the 40's and 50's playing with the biggest Big Bands. He managed Barbra Streisand, Jay Leno, Aerosmith to name a few. Marty Conn Entertainment has been providing Excellence in Entertainment for over 60 years..

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