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Don Marlette, the Metro Monk, is often called psychic, but there is truly no other word to describe this charming and witty entertainer! Every performance is a fun and amazing demonstration of thought-reading and thought-influence. A center piece of his show is when he reads the thoughts dozens of people in the audience. And his demonstration of hypnosis and the power of suggestion is beyond belief, as volunteers experience unusual phenomena, without being hypnotized yet! It's a fun and amazing time, with a roller-coaster ride of fun, laughter, suspense and amazement!

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Don Marlette, the Metro Monk

solo act-Psychic
Speaker-Effective communication
Stage Show-Hypnotist
Stage Show-Magician
Stage Show-Mentalist-Mind Reader

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Don has been performing for corporate clients and private parties for 10 years, to glowing reviews and return performances..

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