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We are offering Virtual and Social Distance Visits with Santa.
Nationwide Santas has over 4000 Santa's in our Database. No job is too small or too big for our talented roster of Santas.

Choice of 3 Virtual and Social Distance Experience options:
1. VIRTUAL VISIT WITH SANTA OR MRS CLAUS - Parents can submit info about their child for Santa to include in his live video chat.
2. SOCIAL DISTANCE SANTA - Santa can make an appearance to the front of your home or business. Complete with bells and HO, HO, HO. .
3. SANTA ACRYLIC GUARD - Santa Acrylic Guard available in different designs or can be customized to suit your needs for in person events

Our goal is to match the perfect Santa for your event. We also have Mrs Claus.
Gift Certificates available for corporate events

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We have been providing entertainment since 1982.

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