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This charming tandem duo are humorists and historians who present present tales drawn from legend, lore, literature and life. Programs include love stories, war stories, and historical personalities researched for historical accuracy, some under grant auspices of the Florida Humanities Council. Libraries, festivals, retirement communities, and private bookings from Florida's River of Grass to the Appalachian Blue Ridge.

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The Storytelling Sims

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Since 1994, Tandem Tellers of Folktales, Legends and American Humor. Dedicated to entertainment and humor, this dynamic couple presents life experience stories, Southern folktales, Appalachian tales, and more in a repertoire tailored to the occasion.
Self standing small theatre venues and after dinner shows a specialty; programs range from 30-minutes to two hours. Heavy background in festival, Elderhostel, and upscale retirement community programs. Educational workshops and residencies, 4th grade up.
What do folks say about this charming duo?
'Pure Entertainment!' 'Wonderful!' 'Dynamic!' 'Love Your Stories!' 'Great!' 'I laughed 'til I cried!' 'What a Fun Experience!' 'Where can we hear you next?'.

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