Tim Howard is the hilarious, comical and hugely entertaining children's magician for Central Florida. His friendly, high spirited personality will help make your child's party the most magical, memorable, special day ever. kid's party entertainment at its finest, it is affordable, uproarious, hassle free and a lot of FUN.

Tim Howard is my name, alias to many names. Tsunami Tim, Chief Mad Scientist of Mad Science of Central Florida. The Royal Court Magician and Professor Floogle Binder Very old but wise wizard, used around Halloween. Plus many more.

I am now 39 years old, grew in South West of England. I have been given a gift, which seems to come so naturally of entertaining children. I was performing magic tricks to neighborhood kids at the age of 7 earning nothing more than a bag of candy, or a chocolate bar. At the age of sixteen I worked at a local attraction moving up and then performing the live version of Gus Honey Bun (Google it). Oh what fun it can be with your hand up a rabbits bottom, doing bunny hops, winks, and who can forget the wrist wrenching headstand.

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Click here for the official website shown above

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