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We provide children's favorite characters (purple dinosaur and red monster), entertaining them through songs, dancing, including balloons, and 'goodie bags' (when requested). We love children, and they love us! The character appears in costume (never breaking his role) with an assistant (wife, in real life). While the character dances, usually with the children, to his songs, his helper reads related books and otherwise amuses other children not drawn to the character (so far, none fall into this category). Towards the end he poses for pictures with the children, especially the birthday child, and has even posed with parents and grandparents (at their request). The character, either dinosaur or monster (real names are copyrighted), is amusing, entertaining, and very animated. Children have been consistently fascinated and awed by his presence. Even adults have a great time! Every party he's appeared in has been made very special and u! nforgetable. Thrilling children is very magical!

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It's a relatively new part time activity for us, but we seem to have a gift for it. We've been preforming at malls, private parties, and birthday events weekly for the last 5 months..

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