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The vendors are responsible for the content they post on this website, not All Time Favorites.
We are not responsible for the delivery of products or services from vendors listed on this site
unless you booked or contracted the services directly under an All Time Favorites Inc contract signed by All Time Favorites and then our terms of service in the contract signed by you and All Time Favorites applies.
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Any lawsuit against All Time Favorites Inc or our subsidiaries resulting in All Time Favorites Inc. winning the suit, you agree to pay reasonable attorney fees as the losing party.

Vendor Contracts:
All Time Favorites does not endorse a vendor on this site nor is responsible for a vendor contracting with a client/user of this site.

While we sometimes use words like we "recommend" or "the best vendor for your event" or we "refer" or we have screened this vendor, all are interpreted as our opinion and the FINAL decision to hire a vendor referred from or recommended is the sole responsibility of the client or purchaser (you) and All Time Favorites is to be held harmless for our recommendations or similar of any vendors we have opinions of or written articles about or similar. Purchaser can not sue All Time Favorites for our comments, edits, recommendations, referrals or similar to any vendor listed on any of our websites or marketing materials that we own. Any VENDOR listed with us agrees that our opinions about them or edited materials given rights to use by the vendor can not result in any lawsuit against All Time Favorites or our other websites we own.

We are not responsible for a user inability to use this website or site availability.

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