More information about Party Rentals - Traffic Control Barriers and Lights

Traffic Control Barriers and Lights like the folding ones with 2 lights on top and the longer ones 6-8ft wide with no lights
General Prices
Prices vary based on date-time-location and quantities. Jersey Barriers and many types of crowd control barriers. Examples: Bike rack style (1-3day rental) 7ft for example run about 10-12 dollars each and 2 to 3 dollars each for setup-takedown PLUS delivery (usually 150-250 starting rate for under 50 miles) Over 50 miles delivery is usually about 5 to 7 dollars one way per MILE over 50 miles . We have many, many sizes and styles of barriers. CONCERT TYPE barriers 4ft 40-50 dollars each and about the same setup and delivery above. RETRACTABLE RIBBON TYPE barriers run about 8ft each - mostly black ribbon with stanchions 10-14 each and approx setup and delivery same as above UNLESS you pick them up directly.

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