Concert Lighting Production Prices. Approximate Prices for Concert Lighting Production

Approximate Prices for Concert Lighting Production. Concert Lighting Production Services20 years we have in the concert production industry and can personally refer you to the best company for your large concert events anywhere in the USA and Canada.
For concert lighting specialists call us today at 1-800-232-6874 ext 7 (commercial events only )

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approximate Concert Lighting Production prices. *Most professional shows run from 5000 and up

ALL prices are approximate and listed here to assist you in pricing and budgeting.

vendor 14784 from folsom California approximate prices:You always get more then what you pay for with nu-salt laser, and our prices and quality can not be beat. please call or email for a quote.

vendor 11174 from Monroe Connecticut approximate prices:Band sound $350 for one night minimal travel Tent lighting - $250-1200 All day event sound for multiple bands $750-1500 depending upon venue size Lighting for a theater production in a multipurpose room from $2500

vendor 12558 from hawthorne New Jersey approximate prices:our prices range from $500 to unlimited depending on how big the event is.

vendor 10937 from Glendale California approximate prices:Do to an extensive rental inventory we will be happy to quote prices including any delivery or technical assistance that may be required for your event. Just call or e-mail us and will will respond promptly

vendor 8155 from Temecula California approximate prices:Full concert for 5000 outside for 10k (Sound, Lights & Stage) Full PA for 1800-3500 per night

vendor 50550 from Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia approximate prices:Rates vary from event to event. Some shows are as low as $750.00 while others can grow into the tens of thousands.

vendor 7866 from Houston Texas approximate prices:Prices vary on all the aspects of the job. If you have a budget you are trying to meet, we can help you.

vendor 8187 from Parsons West Virginia approximate prices:All prices are custom quoted and can range form $100 for a small event, to several thousand dollars for a full concert rig, staging and roof.

vendor 9600 from Spring Lake North Carolina approximate prices:Basic Pricing $100/hr

vendor 10717 from Billerica Massachusetts approximate prices:Sound & production services from $350 an up

vendor 12117 from West Milford New Jersey approximate prices:Minimum starting budget required is $500.00 as we work on mid-sized to larger events nationwide. We offer unique entertainment concepts for clients of all sizes. Events from $1500+/- to over $80000; We have anything you need for any event.

vendor 14219 from Westminster Colorado approximate prices:Going rate for a trailer type mobile stage in the denver area is typically around $1600 a day. (24 by 14 feet) Our main stage is larger and higher quality than most stages, (40 by 16 feet) and we typically charge roughly $1200 a day.

vendor 10085 from Suffern New York approximate prices:For full production events they are priced per event but range from $10,000-$1,175,000. We offer individual pricing as each event is different as just a sound rental or lighting rental verses generators, Stages, Lighting and Crew.

vendor 35588 from Oneonta New York approximate prices:Coming from a small upstate New York town, I can say that if you call us last with their best price our comepiterors will go out bussiness. We can work on any budget and will still provide the impeccable.

vendor 50268 from Acton Massachusetts approximate prices:typically we charge $150.00 for 2 powered speakers and a microphone rental. We can provide a large rider friendly complete concert stage including lighting, audio, and the stage for around $10,000

vendor 1781 from Hollywood California approximate prices:Rates Start at $1000

vendor 7452 from Mt Pleasant South Carolina approximate prices:Event planning services are charged at 15% of the total budget OR $75 per hour. Balloon Decot prices vary; Weddings start at $300 and corporate events anywhere from $300 to $10,000 (I have two companies: A PArty Hearty - Balloon & Special Effects Decor

vendor 13715 from Raleigh North Carolina approximate prices:Prices start at about 250 for basic audio needs and go up as lights and video services are added.

vendor 50698 from Eldersburg Maryland approximate prices:$25 an uplight - $5,000 for large events

vendor 10133 from Grand Rapids Michigan approximate prices:we have a bubble station that is for 4 hours for $150.00, up to our laser tag for 1850.00

vendor 50750 from Raleigh North Carolina approximate prices:Our rates are some of the best in the local industry and are always competitive. Since we offer so many different services and prices fluctuate depending on the date, size, and details of the event, it is best to contact us for a prompt and accurate quote.

vendor 50661 from West Sacramento California approximate prices:Budgets range from $500 equipment rentals to $1.2 million dollar productions. We have the right fit for any event.

vendor 50564 from West Palm Beach Florida approximate prices:Compact line array 600.00 per day Mid size line array starting at 1500.00 - 3500.00 per day powered speaker 75.00 per day wireless microphone 75.00 per day digital audio consoles starting at 150.00 - 850.00 per day digital lighting consoles starting at 100.00 - 450.00 per day led par 64 lights per light 35.00 per day Moving head intelligent light fixture each 175.00 per day Trussing per 10' section each 60.00 per day electric chain motor each 140.00 per day Stage and Dimensions 8'x4' r

vendor 50528 from Miami Florida approximate prices:Whether you need an audiovisual equipment rental or services for a small gathering of clients or a large event our skilled technicians have the knowledge to help you determine what is the right AV equipment rental to ensure the best for your event at the lowest prices.

vendor 53041 from approximate prices:This equipment or service has a wide range of potential costs based on the particulars of your event. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

vendor 5078 from Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:Varies; show to show

vendor 5122 from DENVER Colorado approximate prices:Prices vary with the event type, please call for more specific information.

vendor 5176 from Hollywood California approximate prices:Every job is different.

vendor 3152 from Royal Palm Beach Florida approximate prices:Starting package $225.00 for 4 hours and $60.00 an hour after that. Large packages available at $425.00 for 4 hours.

vendor 5206 from Ocoee Florida approximate prices:Each and every event is individually reviewed and the proper equipment is provided. We do not offer -package pricing.- We stock all ranges of Audio/Visual/Lighting/Special Effects to fit the expectations and budgets of our clients.

vendor 5814 from Clifton New Jersey approximate prices:Small laser package single color starting at $800 Full color packages starting around $1500

vendor 5851 from Tempe Arizona approximate prices:Basic intelligent show can be between $1500 to $3000 Sound system - EWA system for a concert $3500 - $5500 Concert roofs with lighting $3500 - $15,000 Custom steel gobo $115 PA System $150 Area lighting between $250 and up Pinspotting per table $25/

vendor 6478 from Martinez California approximate prices:prices vary upon event.

vendor 6493 from Gaithersburg Maryland approximate prices:Lighting production start at $600 Indoor Pyrotechnics atrt at $1,500 Outdoor fireworks start at $2,500 However, clients with smaller budgets can rent lighting equipment for less.

vendor 6838 from Ames Iowa approximate prices:We have several systems available depending our your requirements. Prices vary. A typical small system with techs can cost as little as $800.00. Rental systems also vary according to our clients needs. As an example: a professional grade wireless UHF la

vendor 7093 from North Miami Florida approximate prices:Rhythm City custom makes every package. We tailor everything from your budgets to your needs to make your party a success. Please call us today to get your package sent out to you in the mail.

vendor 7702 from Winooski Vermont approximate prices:$300 for 4 hours and up for school functions to $375 for 4 hours and up for corporate/wedding.

vendor 8160 from Miller Place New York approximate prices:Weddings start at $800. Most other events start MUCH lower than that due to less planning.

vendor 8169 from New Windsor New York approximate prices:prices depend on the situation i.e. size of club,size of stage or area to be illuminated. on average about $10 per lighting fixture not including intelligent lighting

vendor 8269 from Toledo Ohio approximate prices:Please call, email or visit our website

vendor 8281 from Cincinnati Ohio approximate prices:Our most popular package costs $1200, however, our prices range from $629 and up.


vendor 8373 from Murfreesboro Tennessee approximate prices:Generally there is a consultation charge for any size event of 5% of the total cost of the event. We offer a variety of services and have experience working with people on any budget.

vendor 8390 from Fort Lauderdale Florida approximate prices:Entertainers, telegrams start at $100 DJ-s start at $300 Solo acts start at $75 hr.

vendor 8397 from Greenwich Connecticut approximate prices:We charge for rental of equipment whenever we need to bring equipment to the clients venue. Prices of equipment vary depending on what it is and when and how long its needed. There is usuialy a $60per/hour charge per technician for an event.

vendor 8614 from Fort Lauderdale Florida approximate prices:Pricing is dependent upon many factors, so calling and giving details on the event is much more acurate than general charges.

vendor 9123 from West Palm Beach Florida approximate prices:Each event is priced accordingly and is extremely competitive and fair.

vendor 9661 from Pompano Beach Florida approximate prices:Zebedee Productions works with our cusomers and the budget they have for an event. We also have no emergency fees.

vendor 10138 from miami beach florida approximate prices:It depends on the function, but I can meet or beat any price that is a promise.

vendor 10180 from Tarzana California approximate prices:Design fees and CAD drawing fees are based on time spent and the scope of the project, On-site time is generally billed at $750/day for myself plus hotel/travel and expenses.

vendor 10202 from Newport Rhode Island approximate prices:$300 small sound system / lcd projector $5000 large concert rig

vendor 10273 from Belmont Michigan approximate prices:Interactive Inflatables $500-$1250 Rock Walls $1500 Video Dance Parties $2500 Hypnotists $950

vendor 10342 from Warren Michigan approximate prices:Every event is unique and is priced individually. We offer competitive rates which are assessed weekly ensuring low prices. After an IKO Productions sales representative meets or speaks with a client, we are able to gain insight into the event and unders

vendor 10397 from Fredericksburg Virginia approximate prices:Wedding Photography Services: $1000 to $3000 Portrait Photography: $50 to $1000 Professional DJ Entertainment: $500 to $1000 Wedding Video Services: $500 to $1500 Professional Emcees: $50 to $300 Promotional items and gifts (greatly vary to

vendor 10426 from brooklyn New York approximate prices:$1000.00 to $15000.00 depending on date, time, and location and equipment required

vendor 10317 from Gaithersburg Maryland approximate prices:Event Wedding Planning from $800 to $4,000 DJ Packages $500 to $1,000 We also sell Bridal Accessories and Party Items at low cost for those on a budget

vendor 10947 from chicago Illinois approximate prices:Do you need a DJ but affraid to pay $900 or more. Kyd Productions is offering deals til next year save $100's for more beer. Thsi month get a DJ for $400 this includes lights and smoke no extra charge for that. call 773-655-1622 for your next event. Mention code NPR500 and save 15% reffer someone and get $100 just like that.Call 773-655-1622

vendor 11076 from Brooklyn New York approximate prices:Need us to travel .. not a problem. We have played all over the country. Ranging from Maine to California and every where inbetween, Intense Energy will be there for your event. Let us work out all the details for you, email us anytime with all the details for your party and please ask us for a price quote and we'd be happy to make one up for you. Thank you and we look forward to being a part of your next event.

vendor 3615 from Melvindale Michigan approximate prices:Event vending prices range from $500.00 to $75,000

vendor 5761 from Parsippany New Jersey approximate prices:We are an upscale production firm capable of handling your entire event that requires a minimum budget of $50,000 for incoming projects.

vendor 11447 from Halethorpe Maryland approximate prices:Our equipment rates are competetive with any legitimate lighting production/rental house in the market. Our labor rates also are competetive and in line with the standard wages in the marketplace.

vendor 11500 from Fort Lauderdale Florida approximate prices:Pricing is based on an event to event parameter basis.

vendor 11678 from Marina del rey California approximate prices:Special effects can range anywhere from $3000 to $300,000 depending on what kind of show and what the effects are.

vendor 11735 from Boston Massachusetts approximate prices:We service a dynamic range of events. We cna service an event any where in the the US and CAnada from $500 to $5 million.

vendor 11914 from Nashville Tennessee approximate prices:Our average hourly rate is $100-250 dollars. Our rate for promotional marketing material varies greatly, based upon the material and complexity of the printing.

vendor 11968 from Santa Monica California approximate prices:Dj - $600 - $2000 Lighting $250-$10000 Projectors/Screens $300 - $10000 Water Screens - $4000 - $20000 Confetti - $100 - $5000 pricing is too difficult to quote on the these items since it is usually on a case by case basis.

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