Event Management Services Prices. Approximate Prices for Event Management Services

Approximate Prices for Event Management Services. Event Management Services Hire us to manage your special event. We can do everything from design, hire and screen vendors, RSVPs, marketing and PR, to full execution of your events.
For commercial or corporate events you may also call us at 1-800-232-6874 ext 7 (commercial only)

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Event Management Services can assist in making your event run smooth and more stress-free

approximate Event Management Services prices. *Prices vary from 100-250/hour and usually 10-30% of the total event cost

ALL prices are approximate and listed here to assist you in pricing and budgeting.

vendor 3634 from Ft. Lauderdale Florida approximate prices:5000 to 500,000 depending on the event

vendor 50667 from Poughquag New York approximate prices:We offer both budget friendly products as well as high end rentals. In General we do not view our company as a discount rental company. We provide a high touch service model at a good value price.

vendor 9347 from Coral Springs Florida approximate prices:Because of the wide variety of what we offer, it is impossible to list. Each event is treated differently...number of hours, location, etc.

vendor 11629 from Montclair New Jersey approximate prices:As a full-service marketing communications, entertainment and event agency, we have a very wide-range of services and each budget is based upon the specific client, their needs and the services we provide. Please contact us for more information.

vendor 10085 from Suffern New York approximate prices:For full production events they are priced per event but range from $10,000-$1,175,000. We offer individual pricing as each event is different as just a sound rental or lighting rental verses generators, Stages, Lighting and Crew.

vendor 9609 from Moreno Valley California approximate prices:Some of our basic services start at $125.00 per hour.

vendor 9734 from Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:Pricing depends on the enetertainment you choose and staff hours. Please call for quote. Minimum budget required $10,000

vendor 12292 from Dallas Texas approximate prices:box lunches $ 12 per person, hot lunch $16 per person, buffet dinner 18-25 per person

vendor 12364 from Tampa Florida approximate prices:The minimum price for event planning is $450 and pricing goes from there to $2,000 - depending on the level of service. Our minimum charge for decor is $500.

vendor 50014 from frederick Maryland approximate prices:We tailor each package to fit the needs of the client so there isn't a set price. We have an array of packages to meet your needs, from full service planning to day-of assistance. We provide a free consultation to discuss needs and prices. Contact us to set one up today!

vendor 50015 from Lake Barrington Illinois approximate prices:Event-Tex works directly with you and the budget you have to offer the best in the industry.

vendor 50161 from Tulsa Oklahoma approximate prices:LCD Projector USD 150/Day Wireless Microphones USD $90/Day 12 Channel Mixer USD 75/Day 9x12 Fast fold Screen USD 200/Day

vendor 50268 from Acton Massachusetts approximate prices:typically we charge $150.00 for 2 powered speakers and a microphone rental. We can provide a large rider friendly complete concert stage including lighting, audio, and the stage for around $10,000

vendor 50612 from FRESNO California approximate prices:Our pricing ranges as does our extensive list of options. We tend to be 10-15% less expensive then our competition due to our central locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

vendor 13065 from Mishawaka Indiana approximate prices:Mechanical Bull $1500.00 Boince House $200.00 Rock Clinmbing Wall $1500.00 Obstacle Course $600.00

vendor 7452 from Mt Pleasant South Carolina approximate prices:Event planning services are charged at 15% of the total budget OR $75 per hour. Balloon Decot prices vary; Weddings start at $300 and corporate events anywhere from $300 to $10,000 (I have two companies: A PArty Hearty - Balloon & Special Effects Decor

vendor 12986 from Jordan Minnesota approximate prices:Events over $50,000

vendor 9224 from Natick Massachusetts approximate prices:Smaller events (under $10,000)are generally billed by the hour at a rate of $50.00. Larger events (over $10,000) are billed at a % of the overall budget with an hourly charge added if day-of event management services are required.

vendor 8787 from Los Angeles California approximate prices:Our average budgets range from $25,000 and above.

vendor 12468 from North Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:There is no charge to book hotel rooms! Coporate events start at $250.00 up to $100,000.00

vendor 9034 from Croswell Michigan approximate prices:Children's themed parties start at $40.00 on up. Adult parties start at &75.00 on up. Wedding services start as little as $10.00 p/hr consulting fee to 15% of total wedding cost for complete weddings.

vendor 12557 from Orlando Florida approximate prices:Our prices and services cover the gamut, from DJ's starting at several hundred dollars, to local and regional live bands at several thousand dollars to cirque production and national acts at tens of thousands of dollars. No event is to small or to large for Entertainment Caterers, Inc.

vendor 13826 from Saint Charles Illinois approximate prices:Moonwalk Rentals $139 Tent Rents $149 DJ per hour $100

vendor 13952 from Cortlandt Manor New York approximate prices:Planner rates are $50-$75/hour. We offer a full list of Entertainment Services, too many to list, feel free to contact us for a custom price quote.

vendor 9475 from Baltimore Maryland approximate prices:Wedding Planning Services: Call for an appointment Patapsco Manor Half Days: Mon to Thurs 400.00, Saturday 500.00, Sunday 450.00 Patapsco Manor Full Days: Mon to Thurs 600.00, Saturday 650.00, Sunday 635.00 Patapsco Manor Evenings: Mon to Thurs 700.00, Friday and Saturday 900.00, Sunday 750.00 Add on Hours OR Three Hour or Less Rentals: 125.00 per hour After Midnight or 24 Hour Special Rentals: Call For Rate

vendor 50763 from Omaha Nebraska approximate prices:Our prices vary by item. Chairs start at $1/chair, cups and glasses start at $0.35 per glass, and table linens start at $7.50 per linen.

vendor 50661 from West Sacramento California approximate prices:Budgets range from $500 equipment rentals to $1.2 million dollar productions. We have the right fit for any event.

vendor 50597 from New Orleans Louisiana approximate prices:15' 5 row aluminum bleachers $375 plus delivery Riser stages, 6' to 15', $5-$10 sq/ft 10' x 10' festival style food booth with top and counter $150

vendor 50550 from Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia approximate prices:Rates vary from event to event. Some shows are as low as $750.00 while others can grow into the tens of thousands.

vendor 35771 from Rome New York approximate prices:Pricing from $500.00 - $15,000.00

vendor 35771 from Rome New York approximate prices:Pricing from $500.00 - $15,000.00

vendor 53041 from approximate prices:This equipment or service has a wide range of potential costs based on the particulars of your event. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

vendor 53041 from approximate prices:This equipment or service has a wide range of potential costs based on the particulars of your event. Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

vendor 50603 from Miami Beach Florida approximate prices:I work on my client's budget only.

vendor 50596 from Teaneck New Jersey approximate prices:We Charge a one time NON REFUNDABLE consultation fee for up to 1 hour to discuss your event planning needs.

vendor 13931 from Cambridge Wisconsin approximate prices:$30,000 - $50,000 per event.

vendor 7217 from Alexandria Virginia approximate prices:Event planning and balloon decoration rates vary depending on the size of the event.

vendor 7224 from brighton Massachusetts approximate prices:Prices for event planning are completely free. Client must rent out the room though, and each price differs from case to case, room to room. Generally however, there will be a room rental (anywhere from $1000 to 30k) and a bar guarantee. client to pay $25

vendor 7254 from San Jose California approximate prices:We specialize in the development and execution of Sales Meetings, Product Launches, User Group Conferences, Incentive Programs, Analyst Meetings, Award Ceremonies and large theme events. We handle site recommendation and selection; meeting and function sp

vendor 7306 from New Orleans Louisiana approximate prices:We have a wide range of pricing from a low key dinner party for $20 a person to an extravagant production in excess of $200 per person.

vendor 7325 from Pittsburgh Pennsylania approximate prices:We have such a variety of room sizes & menu types, it would be best to call and ask for a sales & catering specialist.

vendor 7461 from Philadelphia Pennsylania approximate prices:We care about our clientele and go above and beyond the ordinary to ensure your needs are met: on time, within your set budget, and without worry and/or stress.

vendor 7397 from Houston Texas approximate prices:From $500.00 to $150000.00 Please give us a call and lets set up a plan. We will work on a do not exceed or set budget plan.

vendor 7434 from Portland Oregon approximate prices:Consulting and coordination services range from $50 for one-time consulting sessions and closed-end projects, to $3000 for comprehensive wedding or event project management encompassing every last detail. Call for a custom quote based on your exact needs.

vendor 7504 from Minneapolis Minnesota approximate prices:Because certain resources are hard to find, we operate on a gratuity level. Most of our products are custom made, so it really depends on whether the client wants the entire event planned, or if they want a certain traditionl product. Since we operate o

vendor 7584 from West Bloomfield Michigan approximate prices:$1 -$100,0000 events

vendor 7516 from Scottsdale Arizona approximate prices:For a Corporate Picnic Thirty Dollars per person Team Building Events fifty dollars per person

vendor 7570 from Orlando Florida approximate prices:The majority of Majestik Eventz-s services are customized to each client-s needs. Fees are discussed prior to services being rendered.

vendor 7671 from Dallas Georgia approximate prices:Approx. 25% of event cost. Call for quotes.

vendor 7703 from Dallas Texas approximate prices:Wholesale hotel rates

vendor 7745 from Lumberton New Jersey approximate prices:At PPE Prices vary for different services and since we offer such a vast array of services we encourage our clients to contact us directly at (609) 265-1846 for price quotes, which are processed immediately.

vendor 7781 from Allison Park Pennsylania approximate prices:Prices vary depending on the depth and scope of the event. I give a fair quote after the first consultation.

vendor 7757 from Summerland California approximate prices:RSVP Events bidding is relative to your budget. We deliver on-time, within budget, 100% of the time.

vendor 7779 from Huntsville alabama approximate prices:Consultation-$50 per hour for wedding planning with a minimum 15% deposit for services and supplies(depending on the size of the party). Event planning is free for the first visit-but a 20% deposit for Events (depending on the size and nature of the party

vendor 7812 from Winneconne Wisconsin approximate prices:Event Staffing through Onsite Production Fees begin at $28.50 per hour up to $150.00 per hour.

vendor 7847 from Rocky mount Virginia approximate prices:% of the cost of the event

vendor 7868 from BEL AIR California approximate prices:To maintain a competitive price scale we offer our basic services packages at an affordable minimum price of $10,000.

vendor 7866 from Houston Texas approximate prices:Prices vary on all the aspects of the job. If you have a budget you are trying to meet, we can help you.

vendor 13214 from New York New York approximate prices:Price quotes are available upon request. We offer a free analysis for your event. Each job is extremely customized, but we believe our pricing will be sensitive to your budget.

vendor 7903 from Natick Massachusetts approximate prices:We do not have a standard package to offer. Rather, everything is customized to the client-s needs.

vendor 7903 from Natick Massachusetts approximate prices:We do not have a standard package to offer. Rather, everything is customized to the client-s needs.

vendor 7915 from Tucson Arizona approximate prices:3 tiers of service for weddings: 1. 12% of complete wedding package 2. flat rate 3. hourly at 60.00/hour Corporate services billed on an hourly rate after estimated number of hours is provided.

vendor 7946 from Waterbury Connecticut approximate prices:15% service charge or $150, whichever is more. Hosting events charges vary but typical $125/hour

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