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Kerry Christensen - Master Yodeler - E-mail
Kerry Christensen - Master Yodeler serving nationwide and
Cowboy Yodelers. I am the only yodeler in the World performing all yodeling styles from all cultures. I mix comedy with the yodeling and do chicken yodeling renditions as well as my own unique classical variations.

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Boston Party Makers - Cowboy Yodelers - E-mail
- Sharon, Massachusetts Cowboy Yodelers. Formed over 20 years ago, Boston Party Makers are a full service event and production company. From Children's Entertainment to Wedding Bands, From School Parties to Corporate Events we handle it all. We also can provide Staging,...(more click link above)
Jim Berner Music - Cowboy Yodelers - E-mail
- Minneapolis, Minnesota Cowboy Yodelers. Vocalist, musician,entertainer with songs and stories of 'Music Legends' of the 1940s,1950s,1960s--- pop, country and Jazz
Rodgers and CO. Western Entertainment - Cowboy Yodelers - E-mail
- Seguin, Texas Cowboy Yodelers. We have AUTHENTIC stagecoaches, COWBOYS and Western Performers that aren't just wanna-bees! Our entertainers have the experience to set them apart from the rest. Book from us and we can provide Genuine Western Entertainment for...(more click link above)
Glitter Entertainment & Rentals - Cowboy Yodelers - E-mail
- Irwin, Pennsylania Cowboy Yodelers. 100's & 100's of Very Talented Entertainers, Artists, Musicans, Rentals, Activities, Equip & Much More. All your Party & Event Needs we can supply.Clowns, Magic, Hypno, DJs, Comics, Costumed Chars. Celeb. Imps.,Bands, Air Brush & Sketch Artists, Sumo Suits, Bounce Houses, Comical & Prem
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The Apocalypse Lounge - Cowboy Yodelers - E-mail
- New York, New York Cowboy Yodelers. THE APOCALYPSE LOUNGE is the hippest spot in the East Village and all of Manhattan! The entire venue is designed and run by artists of all types. The perfect alternative to a boring and sterile catering hall!

When choosing a Cowboy Yodeling Act or Western Yodeling Act, try to preview them on audio or video or at a live event so you know what quality you are getting.
It is also very important to check recent references on the Cowboy Yodeling Acts you are interviewing.


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