Senior Entertainers Prices. Approximate Prices for Senior Entertainers

Approximate Prices for Senior Entertainers. senior entertainersSpecialists in entertaining seniors and great for senior centers near you. Over 500 entertainers we have specifically for entertaining our respected seniors. senior entertainment options include piano players, sing-a-long entertainers, karaoke, comedy acts, variety acts and more. Music includes everything they might like best from swing to 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s. Prices are usually based on what the senior activity center can afford.

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approximate Senior Entertainers prices. *Senior Entertainers range from 1 man bands at 100-200/hour to full bands 100-200 per person for 2-4 hours

ALL prices are approximate and listed here to assist you in pricing and budgeting.

vendor 44390 from Eagan Minnesota approximate prices:Prices vary a lot based on type of event, hours and location.

vendor 50474 from Lakeville Minnesota approximate prices:Weddings about $200 per musician approximately. Corporate $150/hour (usually 2 hour minimum). Prices are approximate and based on date-time-location-hours and type of event. Senior centers are based generally on ability to pay.

vendor 53002 from Inland Empire California approximate prices:starting at 100.00 dollars and up

vendor 50133 from Hazel Crest Illinois approximate prices:I typically charge $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour. For senior homes, I bring Trisha with me. She passes out musical instruments and dances with the gentlemen and ladies.

vendor 44150 from Sandwich Massachusetts approximate prices:Our price range begins at $200.

vendor 34586 from Baltimore Maryland approximate prices:100.00 per hour to entertain and engage clients.

vendor 34463 from toronto Ontario approximate prices:$250.00 first hour of harp performance. $150.00 for every additional hour of harp performance Extended travel is extra

vendor 32264 from Columbus Indiana approximate prices:I charge anywhere from $60.00 per hour to $500.00 per hour depending on the venue, it's location, and customers budget levels.

vendor 50159 from Florence North Carolina approximate prices:Show range from $250 to $500 depending upon time requirements and travel expenses

vendor 50655 from Tenafly New York approximate prices:our price range is variable, from $200-10,000.

vendor 898 from Edina Minnesota approximate prices:Singing telegrams, $85.00 plus some trave and tips. Magician and clown shows starting at $95.00 and up depending upon venue, audience, plus tips and some travel. Grapholigist, $125.00 per hour and up depending upon venue and audience. Ventriloquist, $95.00 per hour plus some travel and tips. Balloon artist, $85.00 per hour, discount for extra hours plus some travel and tips. Balloon bouquets: Budget, $30.00; Basic, $35.00; Prime, $40.00; Deluxe, $45.00; Custom, $50.00 and up plus some t

vendor 50758 from South Jordan Utah approximate prices:Price Range is $600 - $1500 depending on venue and dates

vendor 50745 from Woodbury New Jersey approximate prices:Prices range from $300 to $20,000. Very broad spectrum, I know, but can be as simple as a Face Painter for a kids' event or as intricate as a full-blown production, such as 'The Almost CHER Show';- an up to 3-hour extravaganza with live band, dancers, sound, lighting, etc.

vendor 50808 from Des Plaines Illinois approximate prices:Pricing is based on how many tables and how many hours your event goes. Tables range between $300-$400 per table based on quantity, location and season.

vendor 50804 from Baltimore Maryland approximate prices:Children Shows start at $225+ Adult shows start at $325+ Trade shows start at $500+

vendor 50612 from FRESNO California approximate prices:Our pricing ranges as does our extensive list of options. We tend to be 10-15% less expensive then our competition due to our central locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

vendor 50502 from Orange California approximate prices:$50 to $200 per hour. Discounts available for senior, community and educational events.

vendor 50348 from boca raton Florida approximate prices:Private Party- 45 minute interactive show followed by balloon twisting, hula hooping, juggling lesson- $175-300/hour School/Camp- Contact for rates Corporate Event- $200-700 (2 hour minimum) Strolling Event (Fair/Festival) $500-1000/day

vendor 50228 from Eagan Minnesota approximate prices:A local 30 minute performance-only show is $150. Extras like a class, more distant location or longer event are a little more $$.

vendor 34565 from milford Pennsylania approximate prices:Weddings from $850 Parties from $450 Photo Booth from $500

vendor 50195 from North Myrtle Beach North Carolina approximate prices:We start at $100 for local (Myrtle Beach area) 1-hour shows with 2 performers and can go up to $1,500 for full shows with 4 performers. Travel charges may apply outside the Myrtle Beach metro area. We will tailor a show to with your budget whenever possible, so let us know what you need.

vendor 50116 from Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:Our event and talent pricing is based on the length of the event or performance, how much technical items are involved in the event, and the talent itself. Internationally-known celebs and bands charge a premium; local and regional talent are usually more affordable and available, based on time of year and how far out we confirm our services.

vendor 50141 from Richmond Virginia approximate prices:$200 for wedding ceremony music $300 for cocktail or dinner music $400 for wedding reception music $500 for a showcase or theme music

vendor 50038 from Bellevue Washington approximate prices:Prices are for an average of 3 hours. solo piano - $200.00/ Duo $300.00 / Trio $400.00 Quartet $500.00 Quintet $600.00

vendor 50037 from New York New York approximate prices:My general fee for party and event services is $150.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum. Fees for illustration work are different and based on the requirements of the job.

vendor 50020 from Terrell Texas approximate prices:For a group of 6 musicians price would range from $450 for 1 hour at afternoon 'off peak' setting and up to $2000 for special events events requiring a lot of time, staging or special arrangemnts. Most events are in the $700 to $1000 range. For some events we can use a smaller group resulting in savings.

vendor 44950 from Birmingham Alabama approximate prices:Ray Reach leads bands ranging from solo to 40 pieces. Prices can range from $300.00 to $10,000.00 dollars.

vendor 50083 from Woodstock Georgia approximate prices:Band can be anything from 3 pc to 14 pc -- $1300 to $10,000. Most popular is 6 pc at $2600 (local Atlanta rate).

vendor 44810 from Mesa Arizona approximate prices:$250 and up..depends on the size of the event and the size of the performance group


vendor 37490 from Naples Florida approximate prices:Pricing based on specific needs (time of event, date, number of pieces, etc.).

vendor 36032 from La Quinta California approximate prices:Most puppet productions range between $175 to $450. Always ask and we try to work with your budget, creating the show that is right for you.

vendor 35846 from Sherman Oaks California approximate prices:any where from a single local to Sherman oaks to !200, depending on location and length of performance. For Phil Jeffrey and a band , $1,500-$3,995 Visit, or

vendor 35045 from La Palma California approximate prices:Mascot Package - 149.99 per hour As our most popular package, we take pride in the high quality of our mascot costumes and the joy they will bring to your little ones. This is by far our most entertaining package as your birthday child's guests will have loads of fun dancing and singing with their favorite characters, along with many other interactive games and activities! Adventure Package - 129.99 per hour If your child idolizes caped crusaders who fight for justice, this is the p


vendor 2725 from Bremerton Washington approximate prices:$300.00 is the basic starting point.

vendor 35591 from Marysville Ohio approximate prices:Starting price $200.00 distance,length of performance is a factor in final price.

vendor 35201 from Albany New York approximate prices:Tribute Artists range from $1000 to $7500 dollars. Voice Overs & Character, Celebrity Voices follow current scale. Motivational Speaking services, $750 per hr. - $5000 per hr. Wedding, Corporate Bands, from $2500 per (4 hours ) to $10,000. Big Bands- Swing Bands from $3500 per (4 hr. event.

vendor 35084 from Troy Michigan approximate prices:Fees depend on time and distance but you shouldn't book an entertainer on price. Always ask to see videos first. We will help when we can and if we can't I will help you find someone withgin your budget as a thank you for calling.

vendor 35042 from charlotte North Carolina approximate prices:field trips $25/hr, parties $125 to $195

vendor 35009 from Sarasota Florida approximate prices:My 1 hour show is $350.00 plus $50.00 for each additional half hour.

vendor 35063 from tabernacle new jersey approximate prices:Events priced according to location, logistics and time requirements - typically $295.00 / minimum through $450.00 + for 3 - 4 hours; MOST events performed WITHOUT breaks for MAXIMUM musical 'bang - for - the - buck'. NOTE: Longest Continuous Performance 'to date' was 8 hours ( hired for 4 - kept overtime ); Total Paid = $1,100.00

vendor 34949 from Methuen Massachusetts approximate prices:Dj's would be $700 - $1,000.00. Bands $3,000 - $6,000 Ceremony musicians a duo string would be $500.00, Pianist $250.00.

vendor 34745 from Centennial Colorado approximate prices:Group Instruction = $10.00 per class or $8 per class if you pay in advance for the month. $15 semi-private and $20 private instruction.

vendor 34490 from Scottsdale Arizona approximate prices:Please call or email for a guaranteed price quote. 480-495-3580

vendor 34382 from clemmons North Carolina approximate prices:i make balloon twists

vendor 34274 from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania approximate prices:What I try to do is work an entertainment package around your budget. All you have to do is call and ask for a free price quote.

vendor 34145 from Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:Solo Artist:(1man band)2hr minimum $500.00 5 Pc Band - $1500-$2500.00 Tribute Band:$5,000.00-$10,000.00

vendor 33854 from WASHINGTON Pennsylania approximate prices:$150 - $ 2,500 & MORE

vendor 33839 from ventura california approximate prices:generally, $115/person/hour. ie: a 5 piece band is $1700. for 3 hours.

vendor 33809 from Irwin Pennsylania approximate prices:$150.00 - $2,000

vendor 33848 from Butler Pennsylania approximate prices:$100.00 - $ 1,500

vendor 33467 from Barrie Ontario approximate prices:Travel to Toronto with 1/2 day Seminar for less than 20 seats = $850.00

vendor 33461 from chicago Illinois approximate prices:My fee depends upon a number of factors such as duration, location, and type of show. Each show is custom made to fit the needs and wants of the client.

vendor 33362 from MCKEESPORT Pennsylania approximate prices:we offer a wide variety of prices & shows

vendor 33110 from Closter New Jersey approximate prices:We work on a basis of $600 per musician for four hours on any given night. Some instances are slightly more, some less, but the important thing is...WE WILL WORK WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.

vendor 33149 from Greensburg Pennsylania approximate prices:We Offer Thee Largest Variety Of Entertainers, Rentals, Activities & More We Offer A Very Wide Variety Of Prices To Fit Anyones Budget

vendor 33029 from Orange Park Florida approximate prices:From $150.00 for a single musician at a Restaurant to in the thousands for a big band or tribute show, We customize our prices to the event and the entertainer.

vendor 32984 from San Diego California approximate prices:Rates vary. One site has me at $220 - $200. I will do a San Diego birthday for $200 but I charge more for schools. I'm now en route to Sacramento do to a corporate show for which I will get $600. I've done stage variety show bits where I got from $250 to $1000.

vendor 32810 from Las Vegas Nevada approximate prices:OUR PRICES VARIES, AND IT DEPENDING ON YOUR NEEDS NEEDS, IT RANGE FROM $1000 to $50,000, and our show can run from 30 seconds to 2 hours

vendor 32498 from Butte Montana approximate prices:Karaoke is 250.00 Dj services are 500.00 and a combination of Live and Dj for weddings etc. is 700.00

vendor 32468 from Milan Michigan approximate prices:Wedding prices range from $250-$400 depending on location and length of event. Harpbeat prices for concert programs for kids and families range from $350-$650 depending on number of performances and location of event

vendor 32411 from Jacksonville Florida approximate prices:1 hour - Duo - $250 2 hours - Duo - $385 3 hours - Duo - $485 4 hours - Duo - $585

vendor 32048 from Huntingtown Maryland approximate prices:Laser tag parties start at $199.00 and video game theater parties start at $249.00.

vendor 32012 from Phoenix Arizona approximate prices:One hour stage show: $500 Stage show plus blacklight: $600 Walk Around Entertainment: $200/hr (two hour minimum) School/Library/Non-Profit Discount: $300 for one hour

vendor 28694 from Pittsburgh Pennsylania approximate prices:Restaurant performance - beginning at $75/20-25 minute set (plus tips) Private performance - beginning at $150/25-30 minute set (tips accepted unless requested otherwise) Private performance with mini-lesson - beginning at $150/25-30 minutes [inclusive

vendor 28496 from Eau Claire Wisconsin approximate prices:$250-2500 - depending on number of musicians needed and length of time.

vendor 27992 from Lafayette California approximate prices:Within a 100 mile radius of San Francisco we generally charge a minimum of $300.00 per player all inclusive of travel costs unless overnight stay is required then we charge for accommodations and meals as well.

vendor 27970 from Phoenix Arizona approximate prices:Prices are based upon the number of musicians requested and the number of performance hours. Prices range from $400 to $800.

vendor 27896 from Tulsa Oklahoma approximate prices:All day festival, fair, tradeshow, $1000-1500 plus travel Libraries, schools, museums, $300-$$600 plus travel (weekdays only)

vendor 27920 from Mason Ohio approximate prices:Call or email for a quote as prices vary depending on service, location and length of time.

vendor 27600 from Greenfield Park Quebec approximate prices:Birthday party daytime magic shows: $200 Private party evening magic show: $300 Magic stage show: $500 Private hypnosis Show: $500 Hypnosis Stage Show: $1000 Walkaround Magic: $250/hr. Magic and Hypnosis Show Combo: $1500

vendor 27476 from Glendale Arizona approximate prices:$300.00 to $2300.00 per event

vendor 27456 from Burnsville Minnesota approximate prices:Prices will vary depending on the client's needs.

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