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Fortune 500 Comedy Communications - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Delray beach, Florida Comedy Roasts. Customized, Clean, Corporate Humor for the most important event there is... yours. Award Winning Humorist, Speaker, and Author with over 25 years experience in stand-up and improvisational comedy!
New York, NY Dueling Pianos - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- New York, New York Comedy Roasts. A high-octane fiesta that's part rock show, part comedy show and all sorts of craziness rolled into one big outrageous party. The audience becomes part of the show in a request-driven sing-along, dance-along, thumpthetables-along...(more click link above)
Ray Damone -The Entertainer for All Occasions- - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- CFape Coral, Florida Comedy Roasts. My experience and talent have had 40 years of refining. From show rooms from Las Vegas to NYC. Working side by side and hanging around very talented people.I know how to work an audience so that they are part of the party and celebration, I sing and play guitar live plus have studio tracks that I use for backgound so I sound like a band of 10 or more plus my DJ song base has over 50,000 songs
Glitter Entertainment & Rentals - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Irwin, Pennsylania Comedy Roasts. 100's & 100's of Very Talented Entertainers, Artists, Musicans, Rentals, Activities, Equip & Much More. All your Party & Event Needs we can supply.Clowns, Magic, Hypno, DJs, Comics, Costumed Chars. Celeb. Imps.,Bands, Air Brush & Sketch Artists, Sumo Suits, Bounce Houses, Comical & Prem
Tom McClain - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Santa Paula, California Comedy Roasts. Tom McClain is a hard hitting full time comedian from Los Angeles. He has been seen many times on television and works comedy clubs, corporate events, private parties, colleges, and even churches. He is a professional and knows...(more click link above)
Laible Productions, Inc. - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Winnetka, Illinois Comedy Roasts. Richard Laible is a professional meeting host and presenter that will get your audience listening closely to the messages you wish to communicate throughout your program. He uses humor as a strategic weapon to support and enhance your messages by capturing your audiences attention and interest
Dangerous Mike Music LLC - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Chicago, Illinois Comedy Roasts. The Mike Dangeroux Band is a professional Chicago band ready to ROCK your wedding, corporate function, reception, festival, or party! We perform classic favorites and AUTHENTIC songs in: Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Latin, Blues, Top 40, Funk, Soul, Disco, Motown Our band has toured and recorded worldwide and is ready to rock your next event
Live Free or Die Laughing Comdey Productions - Comedy Roasts - E-mail
- Newmarket, New Hampshire Comedy Roasts. We offer only the best in comedy enterainment for your event. We also offer support for advertising the production of event. Our goal is for your event to be the best that it can be.


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