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  • The Margarita Man of Delaware has local Wedding Cakes Salisbury

    The Margarita Man of Delaware

    (contact info)
    Millsboro Delaware
    Whether you're hosting a huge bash or just looking to CHILL-OUT with some friends, make sure to include the Margarita Man on your guest list. He travels the highways of Delaware with his famous frozen drink machines and his delicious flavor mixes for you
  •    Wedding Cakes serving Salisbury

    (contact info)
    Delray Beach Florida serving Salisbury
    These products go hand and hand with our unique Oxygen & Aromatherapy bar service. We guaranty you the best products and services at the best prices!
    Minimum to hire: $ 1499.00

  • Ultimate Amusements has local Wedding Cakes Salisbury

    Ultimate Amusements

    (contact info)
    Potomac Maryland
    At Ultimate Amusements, your party is our number one priority. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line and in excellent condition. Ultimate Amusements is a full service entertainment company with experience in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Corporate Events, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Synogogues, Churches,Fall Festivals, Camps and Private functions
  • Deuce Katering Wedding Cakes serving Salisbury

    Deuce Katering

    (contact info)
    Philadelphia Pennsylania serving Salisbury
    We provide quality and professional services at all times.
  • Millenium Hospitality Concepts Wedding Cakes serving Salisbury

    Millenium Hospitality Concepts

    (contact info)
    barnegat New Jersey serving Salisbury
    Exclusive caterer for NJ State Governor McGreevy Guiness World Book of Records holder largest BBQ in Chicago 75,000 guests Oct 03. Specialize in Sporting and entertainment events. Cater to domestic U.S.
    Minimum to hire: $ 999.00

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